Explain the gay ode to the Mexican Football Federation in hot water with FIFA

The Mexican National Football Federation was once again sanctioned by the world governing body FIFA because its fans used homophobic slogans during the Mexican national team matches.

In the latest penalty issued by FIFA, the team will be forced to play two 2022 home World Cup qualifiers without fans.

What is an ode to homophobia?

It is believed that this practice began with fans in the early 2000s. When the opposing goalkeeper kicked the ball out of the game, fans of the Mexican national team shouted in unison for gay slander in Spanish (p***, roughly translated as gay prostitute) ) On the goal kick. The slogan is said to be to intimidate “the goalkeeper and the opposing team.”

The debate over the years has been that the word has multiple cultural meanings in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, and when used by fans in stadiums, it is not a homophobic slander. But the unavoidable fact is that this is a derogatory term that devalues ​​the gay community. FIFA and anti-discrimination organizations have made this clear, and the Football Federation of Mexico (FMF) also recognizes this and is taking action.

“This is not your intention to yell or sing. This is how the other person is [people] Accept it,” Yon de Luisa, President of the Mexican Federation, told the media in 2021. “If someone thinks this is a discrimination, then we should not include it in the conversation. This is no longer a debate. If it is discriminatory, we should avoid it. “

The FMF is working with the football authorities and game organizers to eliminate the slogans in the game because they know that failure to do so may result in escalation of FIFA penalties.

World agencies have made it clear that they will combat racism and homophobia in games around the world-European countries Hungary fined for hating homosexuality In 2017, against Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo)-and the team that violates the rules will bear the consequences for the discriminatory behavior of its fans.

What did Mexico do to homophobic carols?

The Mexican Football Association is now doing its best to eliminate this slogan, although they did not recognize it as a discriminatory slogan until a few years ago.

The FMF has implemented an anti-discrimination campaign directed at carols and urged fans not to use it. They worked with game organizers to publish public broadcast and video board messages to warn offending fans that if they were caught, they would be ejected from the stadium.

In addition, competition organizers need to implement a new three-step agreement FIFA launched in 2019 For any discriminatory incident:

  • step 1: The game is suspended and fans are warned
  • Step 2: The game is suspended and the players are transferred to the locker room
  • Step 3: Give up the game

Within a short period of time after the implementation of the new measures, they have begun to produce certain effects, but in some cities and stadiums, fans have still not complied with. It may take more time to completely eradicate this slogan, but the Mexican Football Association hopes that this will not come at the cost of reducing competitive points or even being expelled from official events such as the World Cup. Mexican officials believe that this is the case if the problem persists. A real risk.

FIFA sanctions against homophobia

Since the early 2000s, this song has been used in the Mexico League and Mexico’s national team matches, but it became notorious during the 2014 World Cup. Four years later, at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Mexico unexpectedly defeated Germany. This song again came back.

Since 2015, the Mexican Football Association has been disciplined by FIFA many times, so many times that it is difficult to count.This Los Angeles Times report The Mexican Football Association was fined 9 times just before the 2018 World Cup. In addition, 15 other national football associations have been sanctioned for similar fan behavior.

But now the punishment is getting heavier. In June 2021, FIFA imposed sanctions on the Mexican Football Association for Mexican fans singing anti-gay songs at the Olympic qualifiers in Guadalajara, Mexico in March 2021: $65,000 and two closed-door games. The official home game.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee also filed a separate lawsuit against Mexico over the homophobic singing of fans during the friendly match against Iceland in Arlington, Texas in May 2021. Penalties related to this incident are still in progress.

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