Dirk Nowitzki will advise Mark Cuban on the Mavericks’ search for a new coach and front office head

After two years of retirement, Dirk Nowitzki will return to the Mavericks.

According to reports, team owner Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban) will bring back the 43-year-old player as the team’s special adviser. Markstein.

“Mark approached me and asked me to help, of course I agreed,” Nowitzki said, according to Stan. “I can help my Mavericks anyway, I’m here.”

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Nowitzki’s role will not be full-time, but his first task will be a key task: to help Cuban choose a new front office leader and coach.

The Mavericks experienced a major organizational change for the first time in more than a decade. General manager Donny Nelson parted ways with the Mavericks after 23 years in the front office of the Mavericks, and then coach Rick Carlisle stepped down after 13 years.

Therefore, Dallas needs to change these two key positions at a critical moment for its team, because star Luka Doncic is eligible to sign a lucrative long-term contract extension in this offseason. The team also needs to take the next step in the playoffs, because Doncic has not yet joined a team that emerged from the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Nowitzki will be an important resource for Cuban, especially when looking for a new coach. The Mavericks legend played for the team for 20 seasons under the leadership of Don Nelson (Donnie Nelson’s father), Avery Johnson and Carlisle.He is also familiar with Jamal Mosley, who is believed to be One of Dallas’ top coaching candidates.

If anyone knows the type of stability Dallas needs when looking for a coach, it’s Nowitzki. Since Donnie Nelson was the one who found him in Germany, it can be assumed that he also has an understanding of how to be a good front desk supervisor.

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