Bryson DeChambeau adjusts Brooks Koepka with U.S. Open video bomb

Bryson DeChambeau once again entered Brooks Koepka’s shot.

At the U.S. Open on Thursday, De Chambord was within the lens of his opponent as Koepka was preparing for a post-match interview with the Golf Channel. The muscular man decided to say hello when he passed by.

At the PGA Championship last month, DeChambeau walked behind Koepka and said something in an interview with Koepka. Koepka rolled his eyes when he saw De Chambeau.That reaction took Grand Slam champion’s long beef Up to A-level Prime level.

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As part of the aftermath, spectators at the commemorative tournament yelled “Hey, Brooks” to De Chambeau from the tee. Soon after, fans were removed from the course. According to “Golf Week”, DeChambeau denied playing a role in it.

Conflict even Spilled into the promotion of this year’s version of “The Match”, Koepka apologized to DeChambeau’s partner, Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers.

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On Thursday, Koepka scored a 2-under 69 at Torrey Pines South, while De Chambeau scored 73, 2-under, thus winning their first round. De Chambeau tried to find the answer on the driving range in the dark night (waiting for the sound).

After the end, De Chambeau did not have much time to rest. He separated the ball at 10:29 AM ET on Friday. Koepka is scheduled to kick-off at 4:14 pm ET.

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