Bill’s Colbisley blasted the NFL’s updated COVID-19 agreement in a Twitter rant, calling NFLPA a “joke”

Cole Beasley doesn’t like the NFL’s new COVID-19 agreement.

Bill’s recipients disputed the league’s new policy, which allows vaccinated players to have more freedom than unvaccinated players. According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the rules are adjusted as follows.

The most notable of the new NFL rules is that vaccinated players no longer receive daily COVID testing. In addition, vaccinated players do not need to be isolated after high-risk exposure to COVID.

At the same time, unvaccinated players are not allowed to leave the hotel during the team’s road trip, while vaccinated players can do so and interact with vaccinated family and friends.

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After seeing these agreements, Beasley released a series of tweets, tore up these agreements, and called the NFL Players Association “jokes.”

Beasley went on to explain that he believes the NFL is just enforcing these rules because it gives the league “the freedom to make as much money as possible again.”

Although Beasley is currently one of the unvaccinated Bills, coach Sean McDermott recently stated that the team is “going in the right direction” because they hope to reach the 85% employee threshold to fully rebuild Open their facilities.

McDermott said: “We are doing our best to educate and build awareness, but in the final analysis, the players you are referring to must make their own decisions.” Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN“We feel that we know where and how the situation around our country and alliance can be improved. For me, this is directly related to people being vaccinated. Again, I hope to continue to see our team move in this direction. Continuing to deliver more vaccinated people.

“Of course I respect everyone’s position. Having said that, this is indeed where I am and where we are. It is good to have these people here. But I think our current situation is realistic – but surely It will come in autumn-the training camp agreement will continue to be implemented, especially for those who have not been vaccinated, because it has to do with masks and different things that are available. Just want to really understand it and make sure people understand what is normal. Like, especially for those who haven’t been vaccinated in autumn.”

Update: Beasley Tweet on Friday He met with NFLPA, and the two sides are “solving this problem.” He added, “As far as I know,” the agreement only applies to the preseason, “this is not final.”

A few hours later, he posted a “public service announcement” on Twitter, stating that he would “live the life I want anyway.”

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