Why did Naomi Osaka withdraw from Wimbledon?The tennis star announced that she would not participate in the game

Naomi Osaka will not play on Wimbledon grass this year.

The tennis star recently came under fire for deciding not to participate in the mandatory press conference of the French Open and eventually withdrew from the competition after winning the first round. Osaka said she needed time to stay away from the game, citing her mental health problems.

With the upcoming Wimbledon Championship on June 28, Osaka will still stay away from the stadium.

Osaka, who won a Grand Slam title at the Australian Open earlier this year, is open to her struggles with anxiety and mental health, although her statement did not mention this as the reason for her withdrawal.

The reasons are as follows:

Why did Osaka Naomi withdraw from Wimbledon?

On June 17, the representative of Osaka announced that she would not participate in the Wimbledon Tennis Open in 2021 because she would take “personal time” to spend time with friends and family.

“Naomi will not participate in Wimbledon this year. She will spend some time with friends and family,” reportedly Statement from the Osaka team. “She will be ready for the Olympics and is very happy to be able to play in front of the fans in her hometown.”

Since she withdrew from the French Open, Osaka’s advocacy for athletes’ mental health has taken center stage, but her statement only stated that “personal time” was the reason for her absence.

The latter part of the statement explained that Osaka will plan to participate in the 2021 Olympics in her native Tokyo.

The 23-year-old player has four Grand Slam titles, two U.S. Open and two Australian Open titles. She is currently ranked second in the world.

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