Who is Jamal Mosley?Mavericks assistant coach may be the best candidate to replace Rick Carlisle

Add the Mavericks to the growing list of NBA teams that need a new head coach.

Rick Carlisle told Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on Thursday that he will not return to Dallas as a coach in the 2021-22 season. Carlisle has played in Dallas for the past 13 seasons. He won the NBA championship in 2011 and has two years left on his contract.

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Carlisle said: “After several face-to-face conversations with Mark Cuban last week, I told him today that I will no longer be the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks.” In a statement to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN“It’s totally my decision. My family and I have worked with great people in a great city for 13 years. It’s amazing.”

Cuban Made his own statement On Thursday, Carlisle stated that in addition to being an “amazing” coach, Carlisle is still a “friend and confidant.”

“Rick helped us bring [Larry] The O’Brien Trophy in Dallas, those are memories I will always cherish,” Cuban said. “I want to thank Rick for everything he has done for this team and this city. We wish him all the best. “

Carlisle left a day later Mavericks announced Donny Nelson, president and general manager of team and basketball operations, agreed to part ways. The latest report from Tim Cato and Sam Amick of The Athletic The detailed questions in the Dallas front office stem from the growing influence of Haralabos Voulgaris, Mavericks Director of Quantitative Research and Development.Cuban said the report “Total number of bulls—” But with the departure of a long-term executive and coach, there seem to be many facts about organizational dysfunction.

Now, the challenge for the Mavericks is to find a candidate who can replace the most successful coach in team history and maximize the list of one of the top NBA stars represented by Luka Doncic. If there is any good news to share in Dallas, it is that the Mavericks may already have the right person on their bench.

Who is Jamal Mosley?

Mosley has been an assistant coach for the Mavericks since the 2014-15 season. He also served as the head coach of the Dallas Summer League team in the 2017-19 season. (During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA did not host a summer league in 2020.)

Before becoming a Carlisle staff member, Mosley served as an assistant coach for the Cavaliers during the 2010-14 season and as an assistant coach and player development coach for the Nuggets during the 2006-10 season. Carlisle has highly praised 42-year-old Mosley in the past, calling him a “great young coach” and a “great communicator.”

“He has a good reputation in player development. He has worked for some great coaches. He has worked with George Carr for many years. He is with Mike Brown. He has the opportunity to come here with us. The same people are with the team of the past six years,” Carlisle said last year (Via Dallas Morning News). “From a coach’s point of view, the advantage of this is that you are in various developmental situations, so I think this is really great for all of us, especially a young coach like him.”

Did Luka Doncic get along well with Jamal Mosley?

Finding the right coach for Doncic will be very important, because the best guard in the NBA is the future of the team. The Mavericks are “increasingly worried” about the tension between Carlisle and Doncic, According to Tim McMahon and Wojnarowski of ESPN, Dallas certainly does not want Carlisle’s bench to encounter the same problem.

Doncic’s previous public comments to Mosley indicate that the two have established a strong relationship. After Carlisle tested a false positive for COVID-19, when Mosley led Dallas to a victory over New York as the acting head coach in April, Doncic could only say something good.

“He has what the head coach needs,” Doncic talks about Mosley“Of course he can be the head coach.”

Will Jamal Mosley be a candidate for other NBA coaching positions?

Mosley has been interviewed by multiple teams in the past few offseasons. Including the Bulls, Cavaliers and Knicks. This summer he should be a hot candidate again.

Earlier this month, Wojnarowski reported that Mosley was considering external candidates for the Celtics head coach position.

Outside of Dallas, six NBA teams are looking for coaches: Boston, Indiana, New Orleans, Orlando, Portland and Washington. It is not surprising to see Mosley becoming one of the best options for some of these front desks.

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