University World Series format, explanation: how many games, bracket games and more about 2021 CWS

First pitch 2021 Men’s University World Series Scheduled to be eliminated on Saturday, the remaining eight I-level teams are pursuing the national championship.

Texas, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Arizona, Mississippi, Stanford, North Carolina and Virginia will all compete for the next college baseball championship in Omaha, Nebraska.

The University World Series is different from other famous NCAA tournaments, such as March Madness and the college football playoffs. The eight teams will start in two brackets, and the two teams will face each other in the final matchup.

Below, we are breaking down the format of the University World Series, from how the initial brackets work to how the team enters the University World Series.

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University World Series format

The road to the national championship begins with regional and super regional competitions. After winning three wins in three series, and now in the College World Series, these eight teams will now return to the bracket game.

The first game of this year is the first group of Stanford vs. North Carolina State University and Arizona vs. Vanderbilt, and the second group is Texas vs. Mississippi State University and Virginia vs. Tennessee. After each game, the winners of the first group will face one another, and the winners of the second group will play against each other. The second round of duel is the winner group.

After winning the first two games, the team can rest and wait for the next game. Losing, the team will be forced to play some extra baseballs. The losers of these first games will enter the knockouts and must face knockouts in the remaining games. The winner of the first round of the knockout will continue to face the loser of the second round. The winner there will face the only undefeated team.

For example, in the 2019 University World Series, Michigan defeated Texas Tech, and Florida State defeated Arkansas in their first round matchup. Michigan then defeated Florida State in the second round, while Texas Tech eliminated Arkansas. Texas Tech then defeated Florida State University in the loser bracket, once again avoided elimination, and had a rematch with the University of Michigan, but the Wolverines won the game and advanced to the final. If Texas Tech wins, it will force the third winner to take all.

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Can a team lose and make it to the CWS finals?

The key to entering the University World Series is simple: Don’t lose twice.

The brackets are double knockouts, which means that the team can lose in the University World Series but can still reach the finals, which is different from many other college tournaments.

In 2017, the Florida Gators won the first two games of the University World Series and then lost to the knockout TCU. Florida won the next game and advanced to the final, sweeping Louisiana State University in two games.

The year before, the Carolina Coast team won the first game of the University World Series against Florida, but lost to TCU in the winner group and entered the knockout group. Chanticleers defeated Texas Tech University, then won two consecutive games against TCU, entered the finals of the University World Series, and finally defeated the University of Arizona to win the only national championship.

Once in the finals of the University World Series, these are the best two games of the three series.

How long has this format been?

This has been the format of the University World Series since 2003, when the finals became a two-win-of-three series.

In 1947, there were only eight teams and two four-team single-elimination tournaments at the beginning of the game. The two winners played a three-game two-win system in the final series, and the following year was changed to a double-elimination tournament.

The game quickly expanded the team and expanded the area many times. From 1988 to 1998, there were eight different regional competitions. The winner of each region played two four-team double-elimination rounds before reaching the finals. This was just one game. It wasn’t until 1999 that the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship was expanded to 64 teams, with both regional and super regional games.

2021 University World Series Brackets

Bracket 1

team width Rise
Vanderbilt No. 4 —— ——
Number 5 Arizona —— ——
Stanford No. 9 —— ——
CNC state —— ——

Bracket 2

team width Rise
2nd in Texas —— ——
3rd Tennessee —— ——
7th Mississippi —— ——
Virginia —— ——

University World Series Schedule

Saturday, June 19

game Time (channel)
North Carolina and Stanford University ranked 9th 2 pm (ESPN)
5th place Arizona vs 4th place Vanderbilt 7 pm (ESPN)

Sunday, June 20

game Time (channel)
Virginia vs. Tennessee 2 pm (ESPN2)
2nd in Texas and 7th in Mississippi 7 pm (ESPN2)

Monday, June 21

game Time (channel)
North Carolina State University-Stanford Losers vs. Arizona-Vanderbilt Losers 2 pm (ESPNU)
North Carolina State University-Stanford University Championship vs. Arizona-Vanderbilt University Championship 7 pm (ESPN)

Tuesday, June 22

game Time (channel)
Virginia-Tennessee losers and Texas-Mississippi losers 2 pm (ESPNU)
Virginia-Tennessee State Champion vs. Texas-Mississippi State Champion 7 pm (ESPN)

Wednesday, June 23

Wednesday schedule to be confirmed

Thursday, June 24

If necessary, the schedule will be announced on Thursday

Friday, June 25

If necessary, the schedule for Friday will be announced

Monday, June 28

CWS Finals Time (channel)
To be determined and to be determined 7 pm (ESPN2)

Tuesday, June 29

CWS Finals Time (channel)
To be determined and to be determined 7 pm (ESPN)

Wednesday, June 30

CWS Finals Time (channel)
To be determined and to be determined (if necessary) 7 pm (ESPN2)

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