Since the Diamondbacks last won an away game, 14 amazing things have happened in the sports world

The Diamondbacks are not expected to compete for first place in the NL West this year, partly because of problems with the lineup, but mainly because the Dodgers and Padres are full. It turns out that the Giants are also very good.

But no one thought that the team in the desert would be so bad. Once upon a time, the Diamondbacks had a record of 15-13, only two games short of ranking first in their division. But since then? They are only 5-36, which is an almost incomprehensible number. But this is not even the worst statistic.

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They lost 22 consecutive away games. This is on par with the record of consecutive road losses in Major League Baseball. If they want to avoid taking the lead, they must beat the Giants on Thursday, which is not easy. The Giants have the best record among big men (43-25), and their best pitcher Kevin Gosman (1.43 ERA, 7-1 record) is on the mound.


At least the Diamondbacks’ last away victory is unforgettable. It was a gem of Madison Bumgarner, who (unofficially) failed to hit the Braves in seven games before bed in the double-headed game on April 25. How long has it been since the Diamondbacks last won a game? The following are some of the major events that have occurred in the sports world since April 15.

Flady party

Let’s start with baseball. The young Blue Jays star-he will soon become a “superstar”-since the Diamondbacks last celebrated the W Way, he has hit 18 home runs and 44 in 45 games. RBI.

Coach K announced his retirement

News of the retirement of University of North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams broke out on April 1. The Diamondbacks lost their season opener—of course on the away game—against the Padres. Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski held his retirement press conference on June 3, when the Diamondbacks lost to the Milwaukee Brewers-on the road, of course. That was the 14th consecutive loss.

The left-hander won a lot

No one doubts Phil Mickelson’s talent for drama in his career, but no one seriously expects Mickelson to compete for the Grand Slam championship, not at his age. But when he was 50 years old—a few weeks before his 51st birthday—he won the PGA Championship on May 23 and earned $2.16 million for his weekend walks, but he was not spoiled. The left-hander became the oldest golfer ever to win a Grand Slam championship.

Lloyd scores again

About a month before her 39th birthday, Carli Lloyd scored her 125th career goal in an international game in a friendly against Jamaica. Lloyd is already alone in sixth place on the history list-125 looks much better than 124-but the cool thing? That goal made her the oldest scorer in the history of the United States national team.

Obviously, Canadians

Montreal has just entered the NHL playoffs-59 points is the lowest score of any playoff team-but the Canadians played inspiring hockey. First, they eliminated the Maple Leafs (a 77-point team) in the first round and recovered from a 3-1 disadvantage. They won the 5th and 6th games in overtime, and then won 3-1 in the 7th game. Then, they swept the Jets, and now they are one of the only four teams left, tied 1-1 with the Golden Cavaliers in the semifinals.

Tricky situation

Going back to the last time the Diamondbacks won the road game, we knew that at some point the liquidation was coming, finally hitting the sticky substance used by the pitchers to increase the spin rate. Well, that’s it now. Major League Baseball announced its policy earlier this week – that everything except rosin is illegal – and the penalty – the first violation of the rules and suspension of 10 games – and it began on June 21. carried out. It will be messy, guys.

Pulisic makes history

In the long history of the UEFA Champions League, no member of the US men’s national team has participated in the finals, let alone become a member of the championship team. Until now, that’s it. On May 29th, Christian Pulisic, a midfielder from Hershey, Pennsylvania, made history when Chelsea FC defeated Manchester City to win the championship.

Hell is frozen

Well, kind of. There is an official proposal on the table to extend the current four-team playoff mode of college football to the 12-team playoff mode. The idea that the College Football Playoffs Management Committee is seriously considering the proposal after years of sticking to the current format is a bit unbelievable.


Since Madbum’s gems, four more no-hitters have been thrown. Surprisingly, maybe the Diamondbacks are not one of these teams. John Minnes shut down the Mariners on May 5, Wade Miley shut out Cleveland on May 7, Spencer Turnbull silenced the M team again on May 18 , Corey Kluber confused the former Rangers teammate on May 19. By the way, Kevin Gossman started playing against D-backs and his SR score today is 1.43.

Tricky situation…in horse racing

Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby on May 1, and then tested positive for the banned substance betamethasone. Now coach Bob Baffert has a long history of failing horse tests-he has been suspended by Churchill Downs and the New York Racing Association.

Aaron Rogers appears at the Packers Camp

Wait, no. That hasn’t happened yet. My fault.

Shohei showed them

As a batsman, Otani has 12 homers and 7 stolen bases since April 25. As a pitcher, he has a self-blame rate of 3.25 and 54 strikeouts in 38 2/3 innings. These totals alone are impressive, although they may not be as jaw-dropping as some of the other numbers here. But for a baseball player, what about doing two things at the same time? Basically, we can use almost any excuse to point out how incredible Ohtani has performed this season.

Everyone drafted a QB

The NFL Draft is about players who throw the ball on the court. The top three draft picks led by Trevor Lawrence to Jacksonville are quarterbacks, 5 of the first 15 picks are signal callers, and 8 quarterbacks in the first three rounds are a record. Oprah should be on the stage instead of Roger Goodell: “You have a quarterback! You will get a quarterback! And you get a quarterback!”

Helio rises to the top

Helio Castroneves is not as old as Mickelson-he is 46 years old-but after he was abandoned by the Penske Racing Team, his chances of winning a major race seemed almost zero. But after the Indianapolis 500 on May 31st, he entered the championship circle and won his fourth Indy 500 championship 20 years after winning the first Indianapolis 500 championship.

What is more likely to happen next? Another major game or a victory for the Diamondbacks? In fact, Dbacks’ away win at this time will cover both.

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