Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady nodded for the cover of Madden 22; Twitter tore off the box art

There are more goats on the cover of “Madden 22” than the petting zoo.

The Pirates QB Tom Brady and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes have been officially revealed as the cover players of this year’s long-running football video game series, but it is not that fans have not fully praised the box art.

The shared cover marks the second time the two players have appeared on the cover of the “Madden” game: In 2018, Brady made his first appearance as a member of the Patriots, and Mahomes was recognized by “Madden 2020”.

This marked the second time that two players appeared on the same cover of the “Madden” game; the last time it happened on the cover of “Madden 2010”, the Cardinals lay outside the defense of Larry Fitzgerald and the Steelers Defender Troy Boramaru is in the penalty area. The Cardinals and the Steelers met in the 43rd Super Bowl in 2009, and the game was released in the summer of that year.

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Obviously, Brady and Mahomes met in this year’s 55th Super Bowl, and Brady and the Buccaneers ruled the Chiefs.

It is worth noting that the cover that both Brady and Mahomes sat down seems to be the “MVP version” of the game, not the standard version. The cover shared by Mahomes’ Twitter account also seems to show different versions of different covers.

Twitter gave different opinions on the official cover released on Thursday:

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