ESPN accidentally leaked the cover of Madden 22, this is what everyone thinks

Less than 24 hours before the official cover of EA Sports’ “Madden 22” was exposed, users in the ESPN app were the first to understand what was about to happen.

Earlier this week, EA Sports teased the cover of “Madden 22” By using two goats. One goat looks smaller than the other, leading many people to believe that the subject is goat (the greatest ever) and baby goat. The trailer also introduced Former “Madden” cover athlete Peyton Hillis said, “They did it again.”

In fact, EA Sports Have done Do it again in multiple ways.

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(ESPN app/LokiVibes on Reddit)

As LokiVibes on Reddit Many others discovered that the cover of “Madden 22” could be seen in the ESPN app on Wednesday night. According to the screenshot, it looks like an advertisement encouraging others to pre-order the game. But it came out a bit early.

As for the cover itself, EA Sports did make a unique choice. This is only the second cover featuring dual athletes. The first is “Madden 10”, which features Troy Polamaru and Larry Fitzgerald, both of whom were the stars of the previous Super Bowl. We saw the two stars of the last Super Bowl again, but we also saw repeated cover players-this is the first time we have seen this in Madden history. Tom Brady first appeared on the cover of “Madden 18”, and Patrick Mahomes was the cover of “Madden 20” a few years ago.

Of course, this is somewhat expected. After “Madden” teased two goats, it didn’t take long for people to connect these points. There were also rumors a few weeks ago that there was a “secret” filming between Brady and Mahomes, and now it is clear the purpose of that photo.

The official “Madden” cover will be announced at 10 am Eastern Time on Thursday. As the leak suggests, “Madden” will be played early on August 17.

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