England National Anthem: Complete Lyrics and Explanation of God Bless Queen

Playing the national anthem before an international football match is a long tradition of the sport.

Players lined up on the sidelines, which was the last exciting gesture before the battle began on the court.

For some people-including players-the national anthem can arouse emotions, and singing the national anthem is an important part of international football. Others observe this moment respectfully in silence, and a few may not even like it.

Here, the goal Take a special look: England.

England Football Team National Anthem

The England team uses a variant of “God Bless Queen” as a sports song for international competitions.

“Bless the Queen” is officially the British national anthem, but since its first appearance, it has been synonymous with England.

Generally speaking, only the first quarter of the Queen of Gods is used, which means that it complies with FIFA’s regulations on the national anthem, that is, the length of the national anthem of each team must not exceed 90 seconds.

This song is often used when the country participates in sports, but there are some exceptions. For example, the England cricket team uses “Jerusalem” as the national anthem.

“God Bless Queen” lyrics full text

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The Blessed Queen (and sometimes the Blessed King) was adopted as the British national anthem in 1745 and is still used today.

This song is an ode to the reigning monarch and calls for the sacred protection of his or her rule and the demise of their enemies.

The original lyrics refer specifically to the then British monarch King George II. Over the years, many versions have appeared, including some more militaristic versions.

However, this song has been standardized, and you can see the full version below.

God bless the queen

God bless our benevolent queen!
Long live our noble queen!
God bless the queen!
Send her victory,
Happy and glorious,
Desire to rule us:
God bless the queen!

Lord our God, rise up,
Dispel her enemies,
And make them fall:
Confuse their politics,
Thwart their cunning tricks,
Our hope rests on you:
God saves us all.

The best gift in your shop,
Fell on her happily;
Long live her reign:
May she defend our laws,
Always give us reason,
Sing with heart and voice,
God bless the queen!

Controversy and alternative English national anthem


In football, the United Kingdom is represented by four national teams: England, Northern Ireland and Wales. However, only England and Northern Ireland use the British national anthem before the game, while Scotland and Wales have their own unique national anthems-“Scotland Flower” and “Scotland Flower”. My father’s land ‘(‘The homeland of my father’s generation’).

Since both Scotland and Wales adopt separate and different sports national anthems, England’s use of the British national anthem-which officially covers the entire United Kingdom-has become an occasional topic among politicians, supporters and athletes.

This question has been raised many times, in 2016 Labour MP Toby Perkins moved to call for the singing of a unique British national anthem Whether to pass or not was debated in the British Parliament. Perkins observed that before the England game, God Blessed the Queen “reflected our feeling that England and England are synonymous.”

A poll conducted by the campaign organization “Anthem4England” in 2007 saw ‘Jerusalem’ -Songs used by the English cricket team-ranked top as the preferred alternative before suggestions like this “A Land of Hope and Glory” with ‘Ruling Britannia’. Others, including Perkins, suggested that they could write a new song specifically.

Interestingly, the Queen of Gods Bless sometimes receives negative responses from opposition fans. For example, in 2005, before the World Cup qualifier between Wales and England, Welsh fans in Cardiff booed the national anthem. At the time, the then England captain David Beckham commented: “In any case, the players were hyping up for this game, but when they heard the news, it undoubtedly inspired us.

In 2017, the Scottish Football Association (SFA) was fined £4,000 by FIFA after fans booed the Queen before the World Cup qualifiers in Glasgow between Scotland and England.

Other teams use the Queen of Gods

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As mentioned earlier, the Northern Ireland team also used the Queen of Gods as the national anthem before international competitions, but it was not without controversy.

The national anthem is particularly divisive in Northern Ireland because it does not represent those in the region who think they are Irish rather than British.

Former Chairman of the Irish Football Association (IFA) Jim Shaw acknowledged the difficulty of the national anthem in an interview in 2016 Belfast Telegraph .

“If we keep it, we will annoy people, and we know that if it continues, there will be many angry supporters,” Xiao said. “But it is not the Irish Football Association that decides what the Northern Ireland national anthem is. It is determined by Stormont’s decentralized government.”

As the national anthem of the United Kingdom, the Queen of God Blessed was also used by the British football team during the 2012 Olympics. However, some players on the men’s and women’s teams-especially players from Wales and Scotland-have been criticized in some ways for not singing.

Elsewhere, although it does not use Liechtenstein’s national anthem, God Bless the Queen On the young Rhine ‘(‘High on the Young Rhine’) uses the exact same melody, which caused a slight confusion in the game against Northern Ireland or England.

Interestingly, Commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada use “God Bless the Queen” as their official royal national anthem, but they also have their own national anthems.

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