Canadians guard Jeff Petrie returns, bloody eyes and all

The Canadians officially returned Jeff Petri to the lineup in the second game of the Stanley Cup semifinal against the Golden Cavaliers on Wednesday.

Whether the defensive player will be played is not certain. He warmed up after missing the last two games due to a hand injury, but he did not cross the line. The Canadians’ social media account posted the lineup at 8 o’clock in the afternoon at 48 o’clock in the afternoon Eastern Time and did not list him. At 9:01 pm EST, it issued a quoted tweet stating the location of the team’s top blue line.


Although you think Montreal lets Petrie-by the way Jon Merrill-come back to be the hottest topic in Las Vegas, you are wrong.

The broadcast footage on both sides of the border shows Petri’s shots during the warm-up and the game. His eyes are either bloodshot or the white part has blood.

No explanation is given, but apparently Twitter is worried.

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