US Open draft pick, best odds, the Sleeper wins the 2021 tournament

Higgo last week played really well! Let’s see if we can do it again, especially now is an important week. The highly anticipated US Open is finally here, so this week we will turn our attention to Torrey Pines South Stadium. The track is 7,652 yards long and 71 strokes long. This is the first return to Torrey Pines at the US Open since Tiger Woods defeated him in 2008. Jon Rahm participates in this event with a +100 bet most popular. Defending champion Bryson DeChambeau followed Rahm with +1400, but there are many other golfers in the field worth betting.

This will be a hard-to-dominate course because it is very long, the fairways are very narrow, and the grass will be thick. I would not be surprised to see the winner in single digits on Sunday. This week, I’m looking for players with excellent metrics such as “Bets Acquired: Close to Total”, “Travel Distance” and “Driving Accuracy”. A good putt on the poa green is also a big advantage.

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Golf betting always seems to boil down to the bottom line, which is why I am obsessed with it. Speaking of my betting options, you will not find anything too groundbreaking here.In addition to mining data With the database and the BetQL model, I try to find people who have succeeded in a particular course in the past, valuable games, and players who have entered the event in the right direction.

The area is definitely stacked, which will become some must-see attractions. Let’s dig deeper and find some winners!

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2021 U.S. Open draft and predictions

*Odds through DraftKings sports betting

Best bets for direct wins

Brooks Koepka +1800

why not? What Keopka did was dominate the US Open. In the past three years, he won twice and tied for second place. Koepka gets up for the big shots because he is a four-time Grand Slam champion. Since 2014, he has only missed one Grand Slam promotion, apparently because he recovered from knee surgery prematurely during the Masters.

I am really happy that he missed the promotion at Palmetto last weekend. He will be ready to launch and we will get a better price based on his full odds. In terms of indicators, he ranked third in the “number of trips obtained: total” and 17th in the “distance traveled”.

By the way, how amazing is the final pairing of Koepka-DeChambeau going into Sunday? The god of golf needs to achieve this goal!

Rory McIlroy +2000

McIlroy is a little unknown in this regard, so at this price, he is an auto player for me. McIlroy is suitable for this week’s eyesight test and analysis. He is moving in the right direction, ranking second in the “driving distance”, has the psychological qualities to win big games, and is very suitable for the court.

McIlroy also performed very well in Torre, where he has won 16th, 3rd and 5th places in the past 3 times.

Best Sleeper / Long Shot Selection

In this section, I am looking for players with odds of 25-1 or higher. If any of them participates in the game on Sunday, I will make live betting and hedging to get a little pizza money to make sure that I am in the top spot.

Colin Senchuan +2500

Morikawa is not a true undercover or long shot, but it is likely that he is suitable for this part. He moves forward with the putt, but his hardcore and close games always keep him competitive. As for putting, he is Cali’s child, so he is familiar with bluegrass greens.

From the indicator point of view, he is really easy to collapse. Morikawa ranked first in “Scores Obtained: Approaches” and “Scores Obtained: Tee to Green”, and eighth in “Scores Obtained: Total”. He also ranks 12th in “driving accuracy”. He knows the formula and will hit the fairway. If he is not in the group on Sunday, I would be surprised. In this case, I had to throw some money at him.

Patrick Reid +3000

Reid burned me several times this year, but I love him this week. He dominated Torrey Pines in January and should be more determined this time, which played a role in his game. Reid has played very well at Torre throughout his entire career. He has never missed his four advancements here, and his victory earlier this year included a T-13 and a T-6. Reid is also very good in the history of the U.S. Open, having entered the top 15 in four of the past six games.

He ranked fourth in “Scores Acquired: Putts.” In the database, since 2015, no one in the field has putter better than him on bluegrass greens. He also ranks seventh in “Battles Received: Total”.

He is a big hunter and a great disruptor, making him one of my favorite games this week.

Daniel Berg +5000

Most people don’t realize how good Berger has been since the restart of COVID. He has achieved top 15 or better results 12 times, including two victories.

I worry that this course may be a bit too long for him, but he is too good to give up this card at this odds.

Tyrell Hatton +5000

He has never played here before, but he played very well in Congari last weekend and finished second. Hatton is an excellent ball forward, ranked fourth in offense on the court, and 10th in “Bets: At Kickoff”.

Berger is a pilot through and through, but he fits some of the categories I have been looking for for a long time. At 50-1, I couldn’t resist.

Finally, the Rickrun Good Tournament Predictor also likes him at these odds and ranks him as the most valuable player in the tournament.

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