Sergio Ramos’ legacy in Real Madrid: “Legends” are not treated fairly

Sergio Ramos may leave Real Madrid, but his achievements in Santiago Bernabéu have been indelibly written into the club’s history.

One of the biggest personalities in the game, full of self, but with qualities that support it, Ramos will end a white era on Thursday.

No matter what explanation Ramos gave in his farewell press conference, no matter how distorted and tense the relationship between the defender and President Florentino Perez sometimes becomes, he will not be allowed to be in the club. The legend goes bad.

The 35-year-old was also not on the sidelines last year, although this quiet farewell was not a suitable end to a blockbuster career in the Spanish capital.

Although the legendary label is often overused, it may not even be enough for Ramos.

The Andalusian played for Real Madrid for 16 seasons, played in 671 games, scored 101 goals and won 22 trophies. Only Paco Gento (23) has more, winning the championship in the 1950s and 60s. The six European Cups he won cannot be compared with the four European Cups raised by Ramos, which were won in the context of more intense modern competition.

Since the European Cup became the UEFA Champions League in 1992, no team has won the championship for two consecutive seasons until Ramos led Madrid to the championship for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018.

However, perhaps his greatest personal effort was in their 2014 victory.


It was Ramos’ header in the 93rd minute that forced the UEFA Champions League final against Atletico Madrid into overtime, which triggered Real Madrid’s comeback and won their long-awaited 10th European Cup-La Decima. Madrid has waited for more than ten years for this, and Ramos is the one who made this possible.

This is why these numbers are unfair to him, even though they are impressive. Obviously, they have shown his worth to Madrid in the past 16 years, but they cannot tell the story behind it.

The story of depriving neighbors of the opportunity to raise the trophy for the first time. The ongoing battle with Barcelona, ​​Ramos’ role in the Clasico competition, gave supporters countless inspiring messages, and shed blood for the club, not red.

“Ramos is what I call a personality leader,” former and current Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti wrote in his book “Quiet Leadership”. “A strong personality, never afraid, never worried, always active leader.”

Ramos’ wild chaos, his defensive style from the heart, will be missed. This is what he brings as a captain, and it is also something that the numbers cannot explain-although some people will point out the 26 red cards in his career, at least it can reveal his combative nature.

After playing at the club in his early years, he has been struggling to enter the defensive center, but once he gets the position, he can’t change.

As a good defender and better leader, Ramos’s story will not be told in zero goals, but in moments and feelings, in Paneca’s penalty kick and the last sliding tackle. . In the goal against Atletico Madrid and two headers in the second leg of the 2014 semi-final against Bayern Munich within four minutes, Madrid entered their first Champions League final in 12 years.

After that, it is difficult to keep them away from it.


There will be many Real Madrid fans who are not old enough to remember a team without Ramos, and there are more people who are older but can’t remember at all.

In September 2005, Ramos, led by coach Wanderley Luxemburgo (Wanderley Luxemburgo), replaced Francisco Pavon (Francisco Pavon) in the Bernabeu’s 3-2 defeat of Celta for the first time for Madrid. . At that time, people had high hopes for him, and he was transferred from Seville for 27 million euros, but he far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

It was in 2010 that when Pepe struggled with knee problems, he consolidated his position at the core of the defense. Half a year has passed, and he has consolidated his legendary status before the Champions League triple crown.

That summer, Ramos wanted to leave and possibly join Manchester United, although he eventually used their interest to get more money from Madrid. The atmosphere in the capital is not good for him, but it is only short-lived. A war with Perez does not disturb the fan base who often chants the president’s resignation.

For Madrid, it is just as good that he did not do this, and under the leadership of Zidane Zidane, he played a vital role with Rafael Varane. Ramos has played under 12 different coaches, and if Zidane’s second season is included, he has 13.

He has shown the same aggressiveness throughout his career, like Mohamed Salah witnessed Ramos’ unorthodox challenge in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final, forcing the Liverpool star to leave the stadium, It paved the way for Madrid to another trophy.


“He is our captain, our leader. We hope he will always be here,” Zidane said before Christmas. But the coach is gone, and now Ramos follows.

Yes, purely as a defender, there are already some better ones. As for pure talent, Cristiano Ronaldo is above him, so is Alfredo Di Stefano, and Zidane.

But as the idol of Real Madrid in the 21st century, nothing is greater than their eternal captain.

Although Ronaldo belongs not only to Real Madrid, but also to Manchester United, Ramos is 110% from Madrid, despite his Sevilla descent-no matter what happens in the next chapter.

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