Derek Carr said he would rather “retire from football” than play with a team other than the Raiders

Derek Carr is a Las Vegas raider through and through.

Carl has spent his entire career in Las Vegas (and Oakland), and after commenting on Tuesday, he wanted to end his career in the desert.

After training at a small training camp in Las Vegas, Carl said he would rather retire than play for someone outside of the Raiders.

“If I had to play for others, I might quit football,” Carl said on Tuesday. “I have been a Raider all my life. I will cheer for a team for the rest of my life-that is the Raiders. So, I just feel that my heart is so strong, I don’t need a perfect situation to do things. Do it well.

“If I have to, I would rather sink with the ship, you know what I’m talking about.”

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According to reports, the Raiders discussed the issue of upgrading quarterbacks with multiple teams during this offseason: DeShawn Watson, Russell Wilson, and Aaron Rogers are all with Las Vegas players. The trading rumors are related.

Under the leadership of head coach Jon Gruden (Jon Gruden), Karl’s position as the NFL’s top 15 quarterbacks has been consolidated. He has one of his best seasons as a Raiders passer in 2020: Karl Passed 4,100 yards and 27 touchdowns in a season of 8 wins and 8 losses.

There are some thoughts on whether Carl can take Vegas to the next level. So far, he has only won one season as a starting quarterback in seven years. Unfortunately, he was unable to participate in the playoffs due to injury after the 2016 season. He has made three professional bowls.

I hope the Raider ship will not sink soon, for Carl’s sake.

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