Cristiano Ronaldo moves the Coca-Cola bottle at a press conference, the company’s value drops by $4 billion

Cristiano Ronaldo caused a sensation in the 2021 European Cup with a small but significant off-field move.

It may cost Coca-Cola US$4 billion.

What did Ronaldo do? It’s not much, but when he sat down for an interview on Monday, the day before Portugal’s 3-0 victory over Hungary, two bottles of Coca-Cola were displayed in front of him. Ronaldo chose to move the bottle, then said “Agua”, then grabbed a bottle of water.

Incredibly, this small move caused a small free fall in Coca-Cola’s stock. Soon after this move, it fell 1.6% to $55.22 per share. ESPN report The company’s market value fell from 242 billion U.S. dollars to 238 billion U.S. dollars. The company’s stock price at the close of trading on Wednesday was $54.67.

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The decline in value may only be temporary, but it is surprising that Ronaldo’s actions have had such a big impact.

Coca-Cola is one of the main sponsors of UEFA Euro 2020, but the spokesperson of the match defended Ronaldo, saying everyone “The right to enjoy their beverage preferences. “

Ronaldo is not the only player to move pre-prepared drinks before the media becomes available. France’s Paul Pogba did the same thing after France beat Germany 1-0 on Tuesday. The only difference is that he moved the bottle of Heineken beer he had placed before.

Pogba is a devout Muslim and does not drink alcohol, so this explains why he wants to remove beer bottles.

Unlike Coca-Cola, Heineken’s price per share did not fall after Pogba’s move. On the contrary, it basically maintained its level before Wednesday’s close by 0.3% to $59.93 per share.

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