Cardinals manager Mike Hilt: “You will see some pitchers going backwards”

Baseball players have long known that a blow to pitchers’ use of sticky substances is coming. They just don’t know what it will look like. Which substances will be banned? What kind of punishment will you receive? How will law enforcement deal with it?

Major League Baseball announced these details on Tuesday could Read the breakdown hereIt Promises are messy, no doubt. But how do players and managers view this news?

I asked Cardinals veteran Andre Miller-he was 36 years old, in his 16th major league season-what he thought baseball might look like from June 21 when the rules are officially enforced. .

“Can’t you tell me? I don’t know,” he said with a smile, sitting on the padded railing outside the Cardinals dugout.

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I told him that I can make bold guesses, but I want to know what he thinks as a player.

“I also have some guesses, but I might keep it secret,” Miller said. “I hope that the game will not be negatively affected, but positively affected, and be handled with care. Players are responsible for this, just like referees. Players are talking to referees as much as possible, trying to understand what is happening. They are understanding this. It’s my understanding. It’s a bit like us, sitting on their pants. In many cases, this is something the media knows before we do it. Ideally, this is something Good things, but I don’t have a crystal ball.”

Cardinals manager Mike Hilt also regretted the lack of a crystal ball when considering what the suspension might look like, so he didn’t risk guessing. However, he does have other ideas.

“My educated guess about the game itself? I think you will see lower strikeouts,” he said. “You have seen the average batting percentage increase in the past two weeks. I think you will see a more offensive game. I don’t know what you will see relative to walking and batting. I think it will A bit of ups and downs. I think you will see a better version of our game, compared to what we have seen in the past. I say this, everyone has their own favorite version of the game. I think you will see a more traditional version The game, we grew up, more about the movement of the ball, more action. You will see the right amount of offense. You will see the players being able to kick the ball out.”

He has another idea.

“From a pitching perspective, you will see potential – not even potential – you will see the return of certain players,” Hilt said.

You can bet that the spin rate of the Statcast page will get a lot of views in the next few weeks. The timing of this crackdown-how random is June 21? — There is a problem, it will be very troublesome to implement (More about here!).

The strictness of Major League Baseball is also a bit surprising; for many years, the combination of sunscreen and rosin — from the small white bag behind each mound — was basically regarded as a recognized part of the game. If the pitcher has never deviated from this method, we would not have this kind of conversation.

But the pitcher did not stay in that gray area, super sticky substance like this Spider Tack takes everything to the next levelThe pitcher discovered on Tuesday that anything other than rosin would not only be a reason for expulsion, but would also be suspended for 10 games.

“One thing I’m worried about,” Miller said, “and I’ve heard that it’s like the cold turkey method.”

The pitcher who used the stickiest ball had to throw the bullpen and other lessons to learn how to hold the ball again. Mid-June is not an ideal time.

At least one pitcher—Tyler Glasnow, the best pitcher on the team, the best record in baseball, Tampa Bay— Blame him for the injury In that sudden change. At the first start after the crackdown, he threw with a stronger grip, which he believed made a difference.

“Do this during the offseason. Give us a chance to adapt,” Ray’s Ace told reporters at the Zoom conference on Tuesday. “I just shot more than 80 or 70 rounds, and then you told me that I can’t use anything in the middle of the year? I had to change everything I did throughout the season. Everything, outside the window. I had to start doing something brand new. “

If you are curious, there are only eight games on June 21, which is the first official day of the crackdown. Everyone will pay attention and see what happens. everyone.

“We have rest days, so maybe I will watch more baseballs on the rest days than I planned,” Miller said.

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