According to reports, John Calipari is open to leaving Kentucky and “returning to the NBA”

Since 1999, John Calipari can become an NBA head coach for the first time.

Ben Rohrback and Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports According to the report, multiple sources said that “Calipari is open to returning to the NBA.”

Since 2000, Calipari has been a college coach in Memphis (2000-09) and Kentucky (2009-present). During these periods, he led his team to great success, winning the NCAA championship in 2012 and entering the semi-finals five times.

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So why did Calipari leave? As Rohrback and Goodwill explained, executives believe that after “maximizing” Kentucky, he may want to return to the NBA.

“He may have reached the top in Kentucky,” a senior executive told Yahoo Sports.

“College basketball is a sinking ship,” another executive told Yahoo Sports. “He is very different from his first round, but this kind of self is hard to tame.”

Calipari’s three-year performance with the Nets was not particularly good. He entered the playoffs with a 72-112 record, but lost in a sweeping three games in the first round. He was fired in 1999 and returned to college as an assistant to the 76ers in 2000 before returning to college games.

But with more than 20 years of coaching experience, the 62-year-old Calipari may be more suitable for jumping into the NBA. Since he was in Kentucky, he has a good understanding of young players, so he may be able to help coach some young teams that are looking for new coaches.

He also has many connections with Kentucky stars throughout the NBA, such as Anthony Davis, John Wall and Carl Anthony Downs. This may be attractive for teams that want to recruit stars for them in the free agent market or the trading market.

There are six vacancies at the NBA level. In fact, if Calipari is considering a job in the NBA, the team would definitely be interested in at least interviewing him.

Will Calipari join the NBA as the next great college coach? Either way, when the team starts to look for a coach seriously, Calipari’s name is worthy of attention.

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