Who will win the 2021 US Open?Odds, betting favorites, expert picks and more

After the third day of the commemorative tournament in early June, Jon Rahm won. Then, a positive COVID-19 test made him unable to move during the event. But as the world’s third-ranked player will return to the game at the 2021 US Open, betting odds are optimistic about the Spaniard’s potential.

Although the 26-year-old has never won a major event so far, he has won the top four in three of the four championships. This includes the third place in the US Open in the 2019 season.

There is no doubt that after many narrow wins, Ram hopes to stand out in his first big victory. He should have a good chance to do this, because the south course of the Torrey Pines Golf Course should play to his advantage, because the 7,698-yard course will facilitate a big wave like Ram.

Of course, Ram is not the lock to win this major. His opponents are some of the best players on the PGA Tour, and there are many batsmen on the court who can be as good as him. This may be attributed to the best combination of accuracy and deep driving ability this week, so players like Dustin Johnson and Bryson De Chambord will definitely be involved.

Below is all the information you need to know to bet on the 2021 US Open, including the latest tournament odds and the best bets on the event.

2021 U.S. Open odds

Joan Ram According to reports, (+950) is a popular candidate to win the 2021 US Open FanDuel sports betting oddsThis means that a $100 bet on Ram will include a payout of $950.

In early June, Ram appeared to be preparing to win the Memorial Tournament at Jack Nicklaus’ Mufield Village Golf Club, but before the last day of the game, he tested positive for COVID and dropped him from the game. But after performing well in difficult courses, he is the favorite here.

Dustin Johnson (+1500), Bryson DeChambeau (+1600), Brooks Koepka (+1800), Rory McIlroy (+1800) and Sand Scheufele (+1800) Ranked among the top six in FanDuel’s odds list. Simultaneously, Phil Mickelson, The winner of the PGA Championship, signs in at +5500 odds to win.

Golfer Odds
Joan Ram +950
Dustin Johnson +1500
Bryson DeChambeau +1600
Brooks Koepka +1800
Rory McIlroy +1800
Sand Scheufele +1800
Colin Senchuan +1900
Jordan Spieth +2100
Justin Thomas +2300
Patrick Cantley +2400
Tony Fino +2400
Victor Hofland +2400
Patrick Reid +2800
Hideki Matsuyama +3400
Sean Lowry +3700
Scottie Schaeffler +4100
Will Zara Torres +4100
Tyrell Hatton +4200
Daniel Berg +4400
Justin Rose +4700
Paul Casey +4700
Louis Oshoson +5000
Phil Mickelson +5500
Webb Simpson +5500
Cameron Smith +6000
Matthew Fitzpatrick +6500
Abraham Anser +7000
Jason Kokrak +7000
Joaquin Nieman +7000

U.S. Open Expert Picks

Just like the 2021 PGA Championship on Kiawah Island, Torrey Pines South should benefit the big drivers in the race. This will be the third longest major championship course ever, with a total length of 7,698 yards. Only behind Kiawah Island’s 2021 PGA Championship (7,876 yards) and Mount Irene’s 2017 U.S. Open (7,741 yards).

This is not to say that a player with a weaker serving position cannot win – Phil Mickelson Ranked 180th in the PGA of 212 qualified golfers, with a tee shot of -.388, but still wins on Kiawah Island-but having a strong driver will help.

The south course is very long, the fairways are narrow, and the greens are complex, allowing golfers to get some feeling in the process of easily entering the championship. For this reason, the number of shots obtained from the tee, the accuracy of the tee, and the number of shots obtained by the putter will be the key data we look at among the preferred players.

favorite, Joan Ram (+950) It seems to be the best. He has the lowest odds at +950, ​​but as far as the statistics we are looking at, he checked almost all the boxes. His average tee-off distance is 306.9 yards, ranking 23rd in this year’s tour, and 56th in terms of teeing accuracy of 212 golfers, ranking in the top quarter. Coupled with the third-ranked 0.859 from the tee and an above-average putt, he should have a good chance of winning.

Xander Schaffele (+1800) It’s another favorite to watch. He brought an excellent all-around game, ranked 8th in the number of putts (0.699) and 26th in distance (306.4 yards per kickoff). His accuracy rate is only average, but his ability to hit the ball near the tee (PGA ranking 36th) makes him at least a rock-solid bet to participate in the game.

In terms of long shots, Scottie Schaeffler (+4100) with Jason Kokrak (+7000) worth considering.

Scheffler is one of our potential draft picks for the PGA Championship, and the 24-year-old player finished eighth in the competition. Recently, he finished third in the Memorial Championship with -11 points. Like Schauffele, he is an all-round contributor, combining serve accuracy (41st) with driving distance (35th). He ranked 11th in the number of shots he scored on the tee and was an above-average putter.

At some point, Schaeffler should have a chance to break through. Why not participate in this competition?

At the same time, Kokrak ranks in the top five in the number of putts and the top 25 in serve distance and tee. His accuracy is a bit hot and cold, which explains his 78th place in the PGA 212 ranking, even though his kick-off number is good. This leaves some shortcomings, but for us, it is still enough to believe that he is a loser, especially at 70-1 odds.

If Kokrak is accurate with the driver, please pay attention. He can string together some solid rounds at Torrey Pines.

Annual U.S. Open champion

In 2021, Bryson DeChambeau hopes to become the 23rd player to win the U.S. Open multiple times since the tournament began in 1895. He won his first major victory in last year’s event with a score of -6.

However, De Chambeau may become the third player to win the tournament for several consecutive seasons. The most recent win was in the 2017-18 season, when DeChambeau’s opponent Brooks Koepka won the championship twice. Curtis Strange (1988-89) is another golfer who achieved this feat.

In its history, four different golfers have won this event four times. They are Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones and Willie Anderson. Nicklaus was the most recent person to accomplish this feat after his fourth victory in 1980.

The most active golfer is Tiger Woods, who has won the US Open three times, the last time being in 2008. However, Woods will not participate in this year’s race after being injured in a car accident on February 23. So, we will have to wait and see if he can compete further with the four four-time winners.

year winner fraction
2020 year Bryson DeChambeau −6
2019 year Gary Woodland −13
2018 Brooks Koepka +1
2017 Brooks Koepka −16
2016 Dustin Johnson −4
2015 Jordan Spieth −5
Year 2014 Martin Kaymer −9
year 2013 Justin Rose +1
2012 Webb Simpson +1
year 2011 Rory McIlroy −16
year 2010 Graeme McDowell B
Year 2009 Lucas Glover −4
Year 2008 Tiger Woods −1
2007 Angel Cabrera +5
year 2006 Jeff Ogilvy +5
2005 Michael Campbell B
year 2004 Retif Goosen −4
Year 2003 Jim Furyk −8
year 2002 Tiger Woods −3
2001 Retif Goosen −4
2000’s Tiger Woods −12
Year 1999 Payne Stewart −1
1998 Li Zhancen B
1997 Ernie Els −4
1996 Steve Jones −2
the year 1995 Corey Pavin. B
1994 Ernie Els −5
1993 Li Zhancen −8
1992 Tom kite −3
year 1991 Payne Stewart −6
1990 Haile Irving −8
in 1989 Curtis Strange −2
1988 Curtis Strange −6
year 1987 Scott Simpson −3
1986 Raymond Freud −1
1985 Andy North −1
1984 Fuzzy Zoller −4
1983 Larry Nelson −4
1982 Tom Watson −6
1981 David Graham −7
in 1980 Jack Nicklaus −8
1979 Haile Irving B
1978 Andy North +1
1977 Hubert Green −2
1976 Jerry Pat −3
1975 Lou Graham +3
1974 Haile Irving +7
1973 Johnny Miller −5
1972 Jack Nicklaus +2
1971 Litvino B
In 1970 Tony Jacklin −7
1969 Orville Moody +1
1968 Litvino −5
1967 Jack Nicklaus −5
1966 Billy Casper −2
1965 Gary Player +2
1964 Kenventuri −2
1963 Julius Poros +9
1962 Jack Nicklaus −1
1961 Gene Little +1
In 1960 Arnold Palmer −4
In 1959 Billy Casper +2
In 1958 Tommy Bolt +3
1957 Dick Meyer +2
1956 Kari Midkov +1
In 1955 Jack Fleck +7
1954 Ed Fogore +4
In 1953 Ben Hogan −5
In 1952 Julius Poros +1
In 1951 Ben Hogan +7
1950 Ben Hogan +7
1949 Kari Midkov +2
1948 Ben Hogan −8
In 1947 Lou Worsham −2
In 1946 Lloyd Mangrum −4
In 1941 Craigwood +4
1940 Lawson Little −1
In 1939 Byron Nelson −4
1938 Ralph Guldal B
In 1937 Ralph Guldal +1
In 1936 Tony Manero −2
1935 Sam Parks, Jr +11
1934 I am Dutra +13
1933 Johnny Goodman −1
1932 Gene Saracen +2
1931 Billy Burke +4
1930 Bobby Jones −1
1929 Bobby Jones 294
1928 Johnny Farrell 294
1927 Tommy armor 301
1926 Bobby Jones 293
1925 Willie McFarlane 291
1924 Cyril Walker 297
1923 Bobby Jones 296
1922 Gene Saracen 288
1921 Jim Barnes 289
1920’s Tedley 295
1919 Walter Hagen 301
1916 Chick Evans 286
1915 Jerome Traverse 297
1914 Walter Hagen 290
1913 Francis Ume 304
1912 John McDermott 294
1911 John McDermott 307
1910 Alex Smith 298
1909 George Sargent 290
1908 Fred McLeod 322
1907 Alec Rose 302
1906 Alex Smith 295
1905 Willie Anderson 314
1904 Willie Anderson 303
1903 Willie Anderson 307
1902 Laurie Outlawny 307
In 1901 Willie Anderson 331
1900 Harry Varden 313
1899 Willie Smith 315
1898 Fred Hurd 328
1897 Joe Lloyd 162
1896 James Fouris 152
1895 Horace Rollins 173

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