Tyler Glasno injury update: Does Ray Ace need Tommy John surgery?

The leading rays of the American League may not have their trump cards for the time being.

On Tuesday, Tampa Bay Times reporter Mark Topkin tweeted that Tyler Glasno’s ulnar collateral ligament was partially torn. This injury often resulted in Tommy John undergoing surgery and straining the flexor tendon. . There is no timetable for his return.

Topkin added in another tweet Glasno has been included on the 10-day injury list.

In recent decades, Tommy John surgery for Major League Baseball pitchers is very common. Rebuilding a torn UCL At the elbow. It will take more than a year for the pitcher to fully recover and return to the mound.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan is now on Twitter saying that Glasno’s plan is to avoid surgery, but hope he will recover.

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With the best record in the American League, 43-24, the Rays undoubtedly hope to see Glasno return in 2021, because he has placed himself in the conversation of AL Cy Young and has always been the dominant force in Tampa Bay. He has a SR of 2.66 and ranks second in the American League with 123 strikeouts. His 0.176 opponent’s batting rate is also the second best in the AL, as is his 2.5 WAR, tied with Carlos Rodden and second only to Gerrit Cole. According to Fangraphs.

So far, the record of pitchers who avoided surgery is not good. The Angels’ two outstanding players in 2018, Shohei Ohtani, suffered a level 2 UCL strain, which indicates that the ligament is stretched or partially torn. He delayed surgery for the remainder of the season through injections of stem cells and plasma-rich platelets, but underwent surgery during the offseason. Of course, he continued to hit the ball during his recovery, which Glasno would not do. The Reds’ top pitcher Hunter Green also sprained University College London with his throwing elbow in 2018, but a setback during his recovery forced him to undergo Tommy John surgery in March 2019.

According to Care Medical In a post about treating UCL injuries, doctors do not rush to perform surgery because of the long recovery time, but usually recommend a few months of rest.

MLB.com report After the start of Monday’s game against the White Sox, Glasno left the game with an inflammation of his right elbow. Glasno said in the report that he felt “a little pull” on his right elbow in the fourth game, and he felt it in every remaining game.

According to a report by MLB.com, Glasno said it was not “crazy pain”, but “for me, it’s better not to go out and throw things anymore.”

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