Tom Brady mocked Aaron Rogers with a joke of “go all out” before the “match” showdown

Tom Brady has grown old and has become very irritable.

Before hitting the next “game” on the court on July 6, professional golfers Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau joined NFL QB’s Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers Previewed the game.

Rogers, who partnered with De Chambeau to participate in the golf tournament, got a little bit of heat from Brady, and once again turned the situation around in this year’s NFC Championship.

Brady: I do think you have a partner who may pursue it more frequently than in the past. So, Bryson, I’m glad you encouraged him to do it when he goes live. So, you know, don’t just hit the ball or something like that on the fairway, but play for the next shot.

De Chambord: I will never force anyone to do anything, so he can choose whatever he wants to do.

Rogers: I, um, I usually don’t have this option.

De Chambord: That’s what I mean. You can finally choose, Aaron.

Of course, this kind of brazen exchange refers to Matt Lafleur and the Packers’ decision to tie the score with 2 points and 05 points in the 2020 NFC Championship. The Packers decided to use a short shot to keep the score within 31-26, instead of allowing Rogers to shoot again at the end of the 8-yard line.

The Packers were defeated by Brady and the Buccaneers. They will continue to win the Super Bowl, and their decision not to participate was criticized by fans, NFL players and even “Dangerous!” The contestants have since then.

If this conversation has proven anything, then you should fully expect Rogers to aim for par 5 at the beginning of “Game 2”.

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