Joel Embiid stopped in the middle of the post-match press conference to admire Kawhi Leonard’s monster dunk

Joel Embiid spent a cruel night, but at least Kawhi Leonard was there to cheer for him.

In Game 4 of the 76ers’ loss to the Eagles on Monday, Embiid ended the Eastern Conference semifinal series with two games. Embiid scored 17 points, 21 rebounds and 4 assists. Only 4 of the last 20 shots, 0 of which were 12 in the second half. Yes, the MVP runner-up missed every shot in the last two quarters-if you are a 76ers fan, this is not ideal.

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Embiid’s biggest error occurred in the last few seconds, when he rolled to the basket and failed a layup, which could have given Philadelphia the lead. The four-time All-Star had a torn meniscus in his right knee, and he admitted that the injury limited his explosiveness.

“Good-looking, good-looking. I just don’t have an elevator,” Embiid says During his post-match media availability period. “I thought I was also fouled. But usually I go up, especially with buckets like this, try to dunk, or try to be fouled and get one. But I can’t seem to jump for obvious reasons. Like I said, this It’s tough, but game 5 must be considered.”

Before the end of his press conference, Embiid stopped in the middle of his answer to watch an incredible moment in Game 4 of the Clippers-Jazz series. Embiid caught a glimpse of Leonard’s one-handed dunk and annihilated Jazz big man Derek Favors, and couldn’t help but react to the unfolding of the game.

“I just think I don’t have it tonight, of course you can-oh my god,” Embiid said. “Did you see that dunk? Did you see that Kawhi dunked? Man, wow. But you can see it from the beginning of the game. It’s tough. You can say. If I don’t dominate, especially in On the defensive end, it’s easy to see. So, I believe they do.

“But yes, that Kawhi dunk was crazy. Dude. Well, folks. Good night.”

When the series returns to Philadelphia, perhaps this vicious Grand Slam will inspire Embiid’s rebound performance.

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