Jalen Ramsey of the Rams mentioned Muki Bates when recruiting players from Stephen Gilmore of the Patriots

Jalen Ramsey is using Stephon Gilmore’s boycott of the Patriots as a recruiting opportunity.

Gilmore, 30, is seeking a salary increase on top of the $7 million base salary that expires in the final year of his contract. He hoped to get a more profitable long-term contract before the end of his career, but the Patriots did not show the willingness to extend him.

Therefore, Ramsey saw a vacancy and decided to ask Gilmore on Twitter how he performed in the process of persisting.

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More notably, Ramsey mentioned Muki Bates’s name in Gilmore’s tweet about a potential deal from New England to Los Angeles.

Bates was traded from the Red Sox to the Dodgers in a multi-team trade and went on to finish second in the NL MVP competition and won the world in his first pandemic shortened season in Los Angeles Contest.

Obviously, Ramsey believes that this situation is similar to the situation involving the 2019 Defensive Player of the Year and two-time all-professional player Gilmore.

It may be a good thing for Ramsey and the Rams to acquire Gilmore, but it has proved difficult. Although the cap space in Los Angeles is slightly less than $7 million and it is easy to find a way to fit Gilmore’s salary in the offseason, it may be difficult to sign the type of renewal he wants and give him a raise this year.

In addition, after the two future first-round picks were traded to the Lions in the Matthew Stafford trade, the Rams were a bit bearish on the future draft capital. In the next two drafts, they still have five second-day picks, but they may not want to spend these resources on a 30-year-old cornerback.

As long as Gilmore stays in the Patriot camp, his trading market is certainly worthy of attention. Although the Rams may be Gilmore’s suitors, from a compensation point of view, there may be other teams more willing to compete for his service.

But hey, the Rams have been very aggressive towards Ramsey and Stafford in the trading market before. So as long as Les Snead is in power, they cannot count.

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