Jack Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2021 boxing match date, time, PPV price, odds and location

After facing YouTubers, NBA players and former mixed martial arts champions, social media celebrity Jack Paul will challenge another former mixed martial arts champion at Tyron Woodley on August 28 to take the next step in his boxing career .

Paul was eliminated 3-0 in his young boxing career Anson Gibb, Nate Robinson with I askeron in short term. But unlike his previous opponents, Woodley is by far the best striker and has demonstrated his skills in his UFC career. In his 19 victories, 7 of his 19 victories were knockout matches, and he won UFC times. Middleweight champion.

After Paul and Woodley clashed in the background before Paul dispatched Askeron, the battle quickly broke out. Woodley immediately called Paul out to fight, and Paul accepted. With Paul leaving Triller and signing with Shin Shin, this battle will finally make the headlines of Shin Shin PPV in August with an agreed weight of 190 pounds.

The 24-year-old Paul demonstrated solid boxing ability during his short tenure as a professional boxer. However, he has not faced a handy opponent like Woodley. The 39-year-old Woodley’s performance in mixed martial arts was impressive, including his unbeaten record in the 2014-18 season, when he defeated Robbie Lawler in the first round to win the welterweight championship. Woodley has recently fallen into a difficult period, losing four consecutive games and no longer playing for the UFC.

As both parties promised to play a knockout on August 28, the competition was fierce.

Below is all the information about the boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, including start time, price and updated betting odds.

When was the match between Jack Paul and Tyron Woodley?

  • date: August 28, 2021
  • PPV start time: 8 p.m. Eastern time / 5 p.m. Pacific time
  • Paul Woolley’s main activities: Midnight US Eastern Time / 9 PM Pacific Time (approximately)

The boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will be held on August 28th. The pay-per-view broadcast of Showtime is expected to start at 8pm Eastern Time (5pm Pacific Time). Paul and Woodley are likely to move around midnight Eastern Time.

How to watch Jack Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

The Paul vs. Woodley game is a Showtime event and can be watched on a pay-per-view basis through many cable and satellite providers; please consult your local supplier for more information.

In addition to traditional cable and satellite services, the Paul vs. Woodley game can also be broadcast live on Showtime in the United States.

How much did Paul pay Woodley?

  • Showtime PPV (United States): To be determined

The price of PPV for this event has not yet been announced.

Where did Paul and Woodley happen?

Paul and Woodley’s match location has not yet been announced.

Paul v Woodley odds

  • Jack Paul: -138
  • Tyron Woodley: +100

According to Oddschecker, Paul has a slight advantage at -138, which means that if Paul wins, he needs to bet $138 to make a profit of $100. As for Woodley, he is a +100 weak. If Woodley wins, bet $100 on Woodley to get a profit of $100.

Jack Paul Discography and Biography

  • Country of Citizenship: American
  • Born: January 17, 1997
  • height: 6’1″
  • arrival: 76 inches
  • recording: 3-0 3 eliminations

Tyronn Woodley’s discography and biography

  • Country of Citizenship: American
  • Born: April 17, 1982
  • height: 5’9″
  • arrival: 74 inches
  • Boxing record: not applicable
  • Comprehensive Fighting Record: 19-7 7 eliminations

Jack Paul vs. Tyronn Woodley Fight Card

  • Jack Paul vs Tyron Woodley

After the detailed information is announced, additional battle card information will be added.

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