Deontay Wilder barely spoke at the press conference: “This shows how weak he is,” Tyson Fury said

Deontay Wilder was in no mood to answer questions at the press conference before his third fight with Tyson Fury.

In fact, in just over half an hour of activity, he only said 54 words in total.

At the press conference, Wilder spoke only once. He issued a 26-second statement about his fight with Fury and claimed that he would “bleed” in his third fight with Fury.

“I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I want to thank my excellent team, and I also want to thank my excellent legal team,” Wilder said. “Listen, enough said. It’s time to chop off his head. By July 24, he will bleed. Get the ticket now. I will see you soon.”

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After that, Wilder was silent. After that, Wilder’s new coach Malik Scott answered every question of Christina Puncher. This aroused Fury’s anger. He called the press conference one-sided and called Wilde weak.

Fury said: “This shows that he is a mentally weak person, and how much the beating in the last fight had an emotional and physical impact on his life.” “After I lost to him, I was very worried about Deontay Wilder. For a long time.”

Scott rejected Fury’s comments, but Wilder remained silent because his noise-canceling headphones protected him from Fury’s words. All in all, this press conference is very different from the one before their last match, when a fierce match broke out between the two boxers.

After that press conference, Wilder lost to Fury, which was the only loss in his boxing career, 44 times (42-1-1). The draw was also against Fury, so maybe Wilder tried to change the situation before the third encounter with the 6-9 Englishman.

At the same time, Fury believed that he could continue to hit Wilde severely, thinking that he would easily drive away the “one trick pony”.

“I’m going to run him over as if I was an 18-wheeler and he was a person. I assure you that he won’t go past the places he’s been before,” Fury said. “Before, I only had five or six weeks to practice what I wanted to do to him. This time, I have 18 months to practice what I want to do to him.

“So, I expected it to run over someone like an 18-wheeler. This is what you will see.”

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