Von Miller has no “emotional attachment” to Aaron Rogers-Broncos rumors: “We have Drew Locke”

With Drew Rock, who needs Aaron Rogers?

The Broncos are one of the three reporting teams served by Aaron Rodgers, but the Rodgers front has been quiet for some time. However, Broncos veteran von Miller did not hold his breath.

At his most recent annual passing summit, Miller said that he chose to operate in reality rather than participating in rumors that the Broncos’ starting quarterback might enter the 2021 season (via Las Vegas Journal Review):

“Think about it, you know, it’s crazy to get an Aaron Rogers,” Miller said Saturday. “You put him on any team in the league, and he will change that team…

“You start to think,’Oh, we are going to get Aaron Rogers or DeShawn Watson. But wait a minute, we get Drew Rock. This is who we are going to run with. This is who we are going to until any The changing seasons.”

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Since Peyton Manning retired in 2016, the organizational loss of the Broncos quarterback has been continuous. Denver drafted Locke in 2019, and he spent two ups and downs in a very talented offensive department.

However, Locke did finish the last four games of the 2020 season on the Heaters, completing 7 touchdowns and two interceptions during this time. The Broncos brought in Teddy Bridgewater, presumably to compete with Locke in the training camp.

Rogers and the Packers seem to be divorcing this offseason or next season. Due to a discord with the team, Rogers did not report to the OTA or the team’s mandatory mini training camp in early June, and there is little evidence that he will return.

However, Miller didn’t buy it at all until the rumors became a reality.

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