How to join the NoPixel GTA RP public server: a step-by-step guide to playing Grand Theft Auto online

Thanks to the promotion of XQC, Sykkuno and other anchors, the ratings of the Grand Theft Auto role-playing scene on Twitch have increased dramatically, and the desire to participate has also increased.

Unfortunately, the whitelisted main server cannot join (unless you are great on Twitch or are willing to donate and wait). Fortunately, NoPixel has created a secondary public server for others to join. Most notably, XQC added public servers after permanently banning whitelisted servers.

But XQC is not the only one to join. Many other streaming media from whitelist servers jump into public servers from time to time to make them more credible. So in theory you can join a public NoPixel server and start playing some of your favorite anchors. Although you should not try to stream sniper them, as this will allow you to quickly ban the server.

Therefore, whether you want to test your role-playing skills or try to meet your favorite anchor, we will explain the process behind the NoPixel public server below.

How to join NoPixel’s public GTA RP server

  1. Download the desktop version of GTA 5
  2. Download FiveM module
  3. Create an account for NoPixel
  4. Connect to public server
  5. Waiting in a long queue
  6. Play on the server

The process of joining NoPixel’s GTA RP public server is simple, especially if you already own a tabletop game. This server cannot be played on the console because you need to add FiveM mod to play.

The disadvantage of trying to play on the server is that you have to wait a long queue time.As Reddit user R4nd0mnumbrz pointed out, there is a a lot of The number of people who tried to join immediately. Others pointed out that this number sometimes even exceeds 2,000.

Although these figures were before and after the public server was launched, the waiting time has stabilized since then. But for those who have no priority, there is still a long wait.


NoPixel GTA RP public server tier pricing

  • First level — 30​​ USD
  • level 2 – 100 dollars
  • Level 3 — 250 USD
  • Level 4 — 500 USD
  • Level 5 — 1,000 USD

If you don’t like long lines, then you can Pay your way to the top Priority list of.

As Shared by Reddit user jjhassert, For users who want to pay to skip the long waiting time, there are different levels (see above). Although as pointed out by the NoPixel store, these are subscription-based, so these are not one-time fees, but monthly fees.

NoPixel GTA RP public server development coin

The public server has something called Dev Coins, which is an exchange of real currency and game currency. The store warned that “the value of development coins may fluctuate.” But according to jjhassert’s Reddit post, you can get 90 development coins for $100 in real currency. 1 Dev Coin is equivalent to 1,000 USD in game currency. Therefore, according to this market, a real currency of 100 USD will provide you with a game currency of 90,000 USD.

What is NoPixel GTA RP public server?

NoPixel Public Server is an alternative server created after its main whitelist server became more and more popular. NoPixel servers have been around for a few years, although most of the whitelisted servers you see for streaming media are considered the third iteration of NoPixel 3.0 as a server.

The public server allows anyone to join, which has its advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantage is that it allows new players who cannot join the whitelist server to play. There are a lot of people who just like the role-playing element and don’t have a Twitch viewer to broadcast.

The disadvantages are quite obvious. Since anyone can join, this leads people to come just to sniper or do some stupid things. Thankfully, it is easy to report these users and ban them in the game.

Who is playing on the NoPixel GTA RP public server?

XQC is probably the biggest name played on the server. Most of his live broadcasts easily attracted more than 100,000 viewers, and because he could not play games on the whitelisted servers, he turned the public server into his own. But many streaming media played on the whitelist server joined the public server at some point.

We have already seen Sykkuno join to make his character Yuno a policeman. The Buddha also turned Mr. Lang into a policeman on the public server. Ramee, RatedEpicz, Blaudoise, Burn and many other players have sometimes played public servers.

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