Helmand admits that Denmark “wrongly” restarted the conflict in Finland after Eriksson fell

Kasper Hjulmand admitted that on the same day after the collapse of Christian Eriksen, it was “wrong” for Denmark to restart its Euro 2020 match with Finland.

Eriksson fell to the turf and stopped breathing in the first half of the Group B game. The game initially started at 17:00 on Saturday in Copenhagen.

The 29-year-old player underwent live cardiopulmonary resuscitation before being sent to the hospital and finally regained consciousness. Subsequently, both groups of players gave the green light to resume the game at 19:30 instead of waiting until 12:00 on Sunday.

What did you say?

As Joel Pohjanpalo scored for Finland’s header in the 59th minute, Denmark lost the game 1-0 and Finland made its European Championship debut.

Helmand blamed his team’s “emotional fatigue” for the failure, and now he regrets their collective decision less than two hours after seeing Eriksson fighting for his life on the court.

“I think the decision made between these two situations is wrong,” the Danish boss said at a press conference. “It’s very difficult for the players. They don’t even know if they will lose their best friend.

“I have a feeling that we should not make a mistake and the players must make a decision. I am very proud of the world’s reaction to this incident.

“It’s usually related to money, but yesterday we saw the full meaning of football: compassion and love.”

What did the Danish team doctor say?

Danish team doctor Mortenbosen also accepted a media interview on Sunday. He was the one who gave Eriksen emergency treatment at Parken Stadium, but could not explain what caused the midfielder to faint.

“We didn’t explain, so I can’t answer this question,” he said. “I only saw it later, so what you see is the same as mine.”

When asked by the BBC how close they were to losing the Inter Milan star, Boyson replied: “How close are we? I don’t know. We got him back soon. I am not a cardiologist, so I will leave the analysis to the experts.”

Helmand and Eriksson’s conversation

Helmand also revealed what Eriksson said to him during a telephone conversation after he was declared stable in the hospital.

He said that the Danish midfielder will stay in the hospital for more examinations for the time being. He has almost no memory of this incident. He is more worried about his teammates and family, rather than his own health.

“He is very worried about us and his family,” Hjulmand said. “He doesn’t remember too much, he cares more about how the team feels. This shows his big personality.

“He is a great player, but also as a person. He thinks he can go out to play and he feels best when his feet are close to the ball. It’s great to see him smiling.”

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