Carli Lloyd made history, Rose Lavelle was injured when USWNT drove through Jamaica

On Sunday night, the U.S. women’s national team easily defeated the powerful Jamaican team 4-0 and continued to prepare for the Olympics.

The start couldn’t be better, because Carli Lloyd only scored within 24 seconds, and Lindsey Horan’s live goal 6 minutes later meant that Jamaica entered damage control mode early. American coach Vlatko Andonovski (Vlatko Andonovski) has a lot to think about because some of his foam players shine in Houston, but he also feels scared because of Rose Lavelle (Rose Lavelle). ) In the first half, he had to leave due to injury.

The US team did not score in the 22nd minute and stoppage time of the second half, but continued to dominate the game. The following are three observations of the team’s penultimate of the three friendly matches in June.

Lloyd made history-and her case

Lloyd was a problem for Andonowski. She has made it clear in the past that she is not satisfied with the role of the bench, but if she enters the Olympic lineup, it is unlikely to start too much.

But Lloyd has past experience and important competition pedigree, and she still offers many goals. She opened in 24 seconds against Jamaica and was the second fastest goal in USWNT history. She was 38 years old and 332 days old. She is now the oldest goal scorer in USWNT.

“It’s not that bad to be old after all,” Lloyd said Fox Sports After the game. “For me, it’s just honing and getting better. This is a cool record.”

Lloyd almost scored again a few minutes after the opener, and was active and dangerous throughout the first half before being substituted.

If Andonowski chooses not to bring Lloyd to Tokyo, then he has many options on offense, which means that despite her outstanding performance on Sunday, she is far from locked in. But in the game against Jamaica, Lloyd took full advantage of her opportunity.

Lavelle fell to the ground in the first half

Lavelle fell to the ground with an injury midway through the first half when she seemed to be overstretched while dribbling.

Lavelle tried to continue the game, but she was unable to continue and was replaced by Sam Mewis.

This question really seemed trivial, and LaVille relied on his strength to leave the court. After the game, Andonowski said that it was actually Lavelle who decided to leave as a preventive measure.

“Ross twisted her ankle slightly. First of all, she wanted to walk a little longer. This is what she decided to take off. I am very proud of it,” Andonowski said. “In the past, Rose usually played 90 minutes, but she thought it was best to pull herself out.”

However, as the Olympics is approaching, any injury to the team’s main organizer is not an ideal choice for USWNT, especially for players with a history of LaVille’s injury.

Strong performance of bubble players

In Sunday’s game against the Jamaicans, Lloyd was not the only player on the Olympic roster to perform well. Emily Sonnett and Mitch Perth also attracted attention.

Purce often played perimeter guards for USWNT, she played a more natural offensive position, and scored a goal in the first half, then switched back to defense in the second half.

Sonnett also demonstrated her versatility by making a solid two-way shift between right back and left back.

But it is unclear how much Andonowski should invest in his players’ performance against Jamaica. This Caribbean country is not close to the level of USWNT. Compared with friendly matches like Sunday, the coach may learn more about his players by watching them train with each other in two weeks.

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