2021 MLB All-Star voting: how it works, the latest total number of votes for the Midsummer Classic

After shortening the 60 MLB seasons and the coronavirus pandemic caused the 2020 game to be cancelled, the MLB All-Star Game is back. The 2021 game was moved from Atlanta to Denver in early April, a controversial move triggered by a controversial voting bill passed by the state of Georgia. But this is the subject of another column.

Today, let us look at how the voting for the 2021 All-Star Game was conducted; it is easy to forget that Major League Baseball changed the voting format slightly before the 2019 Cleveland game. Since that change, something has happened in the world-baseball and other aspects.

Let’s take a look, and the first batch of voting results.

How does the MLB All-Star voting process work?

As a review, here is how the relatively new voting process of Major League Baseball works, dated 2021: For the first stage, the team submits the names of players, one for each position, and three outfielders. Voting starting on June 3 will proceed as usual. Fans vote in a variety of ways for their favorite players or players they think are worth a nod (this is always ambiguous, I guess this is one of the charms of fan voting). The results of the second voting will be announced on June 21.

The first stage of voting will end at 4 pm Eastern Time on June 24th. On June 27th, during the MLB network program, the top three votes for each position (the top nine outfielders) will be announced.

Then, the total number of votes of these players is returned to zero. The new voting will begin at noon on June 28, US Eastern Time, with only these three players (and nine outfielders) from each position. The second stage of voting will not last long; it ends at 2pm Eastern Time on July 1st. This is just 98 hours of voting time to determine the starting player for each position.

The starting lineup will be announced later in the day on July 1. The details of the broadcast will be announced later. The complete team-including pitchers and reserves-will be announced on the July 4th broadcast (again, details will be announced soon).

Key dates for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game

All-Star Voting Update No. 2: June 21

End of the first stage of voting: June 24, 4 p.m. Eastern Time

Showcase of 2021 Google MLB All-Star voting finalists: On the MLB network at noon on June 27, US Eastern Time

The second stage of voting begins: Noon on June 28, US Eastern Time

The second stage of voting ends: July 1st at 2pm. ET

The 2021 Google MLB All-Star starting lineup announced: July 1 (details to be confirmed)

2021 Google MLB All-Star Draft Show: July 4 (details to be confirmed)

Futures games: July 11, 3pm EST

MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game: July 11, 6pm EST

Major League Baseball Draft: July 11, 7pm EST

Home run derby: July 12, 8 p.m. EDT

Major League Baseball All-Star Game: July 13th, 7:30pm EST

The first 2021 All-Star voting update

American League

Position/player team vote
C Salvador Perez Royals 694,710
1B Vladimir Guerrero the Little Bluebird 857,956
2B Marcus Seeds Bluebird 561,326
3B Rafael Devers Red Sox 451,042
SS Xander Bogaerts Red Sox 502,629
Mike Trout angel 706,503
Judge Aaron Yankees 538,448
Byron Buxton twin 383,178
DH Masahira Otani angel 526,608

National League

Position/player team vote
C Buster Posey Giants 511,221
1B Max Monsey Dodgers 405,609
2B Ozzy Albis Brave 295,478
3B Chris Bryant Cub 502,970
SS Fernando Tatis Jr. Fathers 701,251
OF Ronald Acuña Jr. Brave 834,287
Nick Castellanos Celebrities 568,758
Jesse Wink Celebrities 462,692

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