Phillie Phanatic smashed the Yankees with a helmet; annoyed Giancarlo Stanton

Phillie Phanatic strikes again.

Known as the best mascot in baseball — and one of the best in all sports, really — in the interleague series between Philadelphia and the Yankees, Phanatic added another great giant over the weekend. magic.

Phanatic will come out between the two games, wearing a suit and evening dress with a tail — Frank Sinatra style — with the theme of “New York, New York”. Phanatic will use musical cues to smash the Yankees helmets, which makes the crowds in Citizens Bank Park very happy.

Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton seemed dissatisfied with the ordeal before Phanatic drove his ATV at speed. (By the way, Stanton is not the one you might want to hook.)

The Phillies led the Yankees 7-3 late in the game, and Phanatic’s antics seemed to trigger something in New York: the Bombers would equalize in the ninth inning, but eventually lost the game 8-7. .

Phightin’ Phills not only returned strongly in the game, but also returned to 0.500 with a 31-31 record. They entered the game of five winners in the last six games against the Yankees on Sunday.

The Phillies lost to the Yankees, and Fanak remained unbeaten.

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