MLB City Connect jersey: Where does the Diamondbacks jersey rank in Nike’s new jersey?

City Connect wants to connect to the new generation.

Baseball, which has long insisted on boasting traditionalist methods, will do some cool things with Nike in 2021 and the next few years: all 30 major league baseball teams have become very disgusting and are called “City Connections.” They should capture the essence and reputation of the city represented by the team.

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By 2021, five team uniforms have been unveiled, and two will be launched next month. The Red Sox, Marlins, White Sox, Cubs and Diamondbacks have all received new substitutes, with the Giants and Dodgers being the last two teams.

Indeed, this is a welcome sight for MLB and its partnership with Nike: One of the easiest ways for MLB to attract attention, sell merchandise, and push the game to a new generation is to push the limits through its fashion choices. .So far, this is a victory for the team and their new uniforms

Of the four uniforms released so far, all the designs are refreshing-albeit a bit harsh. The Red Sox took the lead in replacing its iconic red and white with a Boston Marathon-style look, and Nike has never looked back since. kind of.

Therefore, in the four released uniforms, their rankings are as follows:

Nike City Connect jersey

5. Cubs

Cubbies may not own All Chicago-even the best City Connect uniform in Windy City this year-but it looks good enough.

Although the soft blue is okay, it is cool to see “Wrigley Town” with the same font as the famous Wrigley Stadium marquee on the front of the uniform. The hat is also great.

However, the point where the Cubs lost points is the real lack of inspiration in the design: Although the uniform campaign tried to make “Wrigleyville” look like the center of all 77 blocks of Chicago (or elsewhere), the reasoning is… Is a bit weak. There is no “connection” here. Just brand the baseball field.

Best uniform features: The hat featuring the Chicago six-pointer immediately became a leader in baseball.

Worst uniform features: Blue is a bit dull and lifeless, especially when compared to the other uniforms on this list. Maybe they should really pursue it with ivy green.

4. Red Sox

Inspired by the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the Red Sox replaced their iconic white and red with yellow and blue, which are the symbolic colors of the city. This idea is definitely available out of the box. Although the socks (or socks) are not red, they are attractive enough.

The Red Sox boldly used colors that did not match their uniform trays but were meaningful to the City of Boston, and they wore them on this year’s Patriots’ Day. The font on the chest reflects the template of Boylston Street at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

It’s always better to boldly adopt a unified design, and these, although shaky on the edge of “not it”, are definitely a popular look for the Red Sox.

Best uniform features: Red Sox fans may not be familiar with the bold new colors, but Boston residents are familiar with them.

Worst uniform features: But really, is there no red at all? Feeling a little nostalgic.

3. Rattlesnake

D-backs are ranked third here, but they may also be tied for first.

Although some of the other uniforms here are over-designed, the Diamondbacks chose the simplicity of these uniforms. They are very, very beautiful.

The colors of the uniforms are designed to reflect the sands of the Sonoran Desert, while the words “Serpientes” on the front pay homage to the Spanish culture in Arizona.

There is also a very very beautiful “V” patch, which symbolizes Phoenix’s nickname “Valley of the Sun”.

These are simple, but sometimes simple is sexy, these are.

Best uniform features: The previous script “Serpientes” is a good tribute to the city. It’s good to embrace Hispanic culture in a region that features it—and sports.

Worst uniform features: We haven’t seen the pants yet. Will they play in jeans?

2. White Sox

Really, the White Sox City uniform can be tied for first place with D-backs, but the “Southside” outfit is a bit unsuitable. But, all in all, they are one of the best redesigns to date.

Thankfully, Nike did not unnecessarily confuse Sox’s classic black, white, and silver color schemes, pairing that tray with the Gothic script in the “Southside” logo on their chest. All in all, these uniforms are real to the team, but still provide a very fresh look and a good spin of some of the best uniforms in baseball.

Where they lose points: They may be able to do it without pinstripes. They are a bit inappropriate and hurt the eyes a bit.

Those hats that simply read “Chi” do not shy away from the attitude and reputation of the town. This is how you embrace the spirit of a small town with personality. Take notes, bears.

Best uniform features: The “textured” uniform that represents the architectural style of the city is just… *The chef’s kiss. *

Worst uniform features: Maybe they can have no pinstripes?

1. Marlin

In recent years, it has been disappointing for the Marlins to choose more blacks in their uniforms instead of the actual Miami palette colors, but their city uniforms have not. Coupled with the Marlins waking up to pay tribute to the history of the former minor league team Havana Sugar Kings, and you have a perfect blend of recipes.

The Marlins chose bright red (“traditional” red) to pay tribute to the Sugar King, and there is also an epaulette that reflects the disbanded team’s patch.

Nevertheless, intertwined with the actual design of the uniform is the long history of Havana Football Club that tried to break into the Grand Slam. This is how you make a backup uniform: a new design with practical meaning. Good job, Marlins.

Best uniform features: “Miami Marlins” patch, similar to the logo of Sugar Kings.

Worst uniform features: They only wear it occasionally.

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