Le’Veon Bell prefers to retire instead of playing for Chiefs coach Andy Reid again

Le’Veon Bell has an opinion about his most recent head coach.

“I will never play for Andy Reid again…I will retire first,” he wrote on Instagram on Friday before deleting the post. Bell did not explain why he would give up football instead of reuniting with the Chiefs coach. He is responding to a post claiming that someone spent $700 at McDonald’s.

Maybe it’s that simple Not enough playing time Under Reed. This tweet in late May may be a sign.

29-year-old Bell Signed with the Chiefs in October last year After the Jets cut him, he only scored 76 touches in nine games with Kansas City. He gained 353 yards from the melee and scored two total touchdowns. In the 55th Super Bowl where the Chiefs lost to the Buccaneers 31-9, he did not participate in the game and did not participate in the AFC Championship against the Bills.

When he talked to reporters at the Super Bowl, he showed no dissatisfaction. He said he knew he would have less contact with the Chiefs than with the Dolphins or the Bills, and he was considering joining the other two teams. He said he was more “focused on winning.”

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“With the Chiefs, I know I don’t have to do so much,” Bell said. According to Kevin Lerner of the South Florida Sun Sentinel“I think if I go to the Dolphins, I will get more [work]. At that time, I seemed to be worried about winning. “

The Chiefs did not win and Bell did not play.

It is mid-June and Bell is still on the market. He has only 31 possible options.

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