Kyrie Irving injury update: Nets guard ruled out the fourth game against the Bucks with a sprained ankle

Kyrie Irving withdrew from Sunday’s fourth game against the Bucks due to an obvious ankle injury, and he was eventually ruled out for the remainder of the fourth game.

Irving was injured in the second quarter because he landed awkwardly during a layup and sprained his ankle. He will stay on the floor and wait for subsequent possession of the ball.

Irving seemed to land on Giannis Antetokounmpo in the basket attempt, but was not fouled for weakening Irving.

The Nets, who no longer have guard James Harden, will have no Irving for the rest of the second quarter.

I don’t know how serious the injury is, but Irving can walk away on his own, albeit cautiously.

This is the latest news about injuries:

Kyrie Irving injury update

According to the team, the Nets guard was ruled out for the remainder of the fourth game due to a sprained ankle.

Depending on how fast the sprain is healed, he may or may not participate in the fifth game scheduled for Tuesday, June 15.

Halfway through the second quarter, Irving walked back to the locker room on his own, but tried to put the weight on his right leg.

The latest news of Irving’s injury was not immediately available.

This story will be updated.

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