Kyler Murray explained why he was not a Cowboys fan when he grew up: “They are always bastards”

Kyler Murray wants to add an extra S to “Dallas”.

Murray was born and raised in Texas, attended high school in Lone Star State, started his college career at Texas A&M, and then landed in Oklahoma.

When he was selected to play with the Cardinals in Western Texas, the Cowboys were in Murray’s DNA, right? Not so fast.

In a video that appeared recently, when asked if Murray was a Cowboys fan when he was young, the Cardinals QB had a quick and interesting answer:

“F—no,” he said. “They are always bastards.”

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Leaving aside semantics, the two-time Texas Footballer Award winner Murray has some truths: Murray, who was only 23 years old, was born after the Cowboys in the early 1990s and did not see a true champion contender in his lifetime. D. Since 1997 (Murray’s birth year), the Cowboys have only won four playoff wins, the most recent being in 2019.

Murray and the Cardinals played against the Cowboys in 2020, and Arizona put Dallas’ final score of 38-10. However, Murray has only completed 9 passes in 24 of his winning attempts. He did have two touchdowns.

Murray will have another chance to beat Dallas in the 2021 season: Arizona and Dallas will play on January 2, Week 17.

Murray can only hope that “the boys were still buns.”

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