How the Clippers’ small ball lineup created problems for Jazz’s Rudy Gobert in Game 3

Rudy Gobert cannot be avoided. As the three-time Defensive Player of the Year, he will participate in the game on the basis of possession of the ball. The question is whether his opponent will let him decide the game, or put him in the most uncomfortable position.

The Clippers chose the latter on Saturday night and defeated the Jazz 132-106 with their outstanding offensive performance. Kawhi Leonard (34 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists) and Paul George (31 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds) led the way, but it was a complete team effort. Los Angeles shot 56.2 from the field. %, shooting 52.8% from the field. Outside the arc.

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An important reason for the offensive burst is that the Clippers head coach Tyron Lue is more inclined to the small ball, which forces Gobert to make a more difficult decision than him. “I’m going to stand near the basket and photograph everything I see.”

After playing Nicholas Batum for 21 minutes and 27 minutes in the first and second games, Lu started the veteran forward along with Leonard, George, Marcus Morris and Reggie Jackson. , And gave him 35 minutes of healthy playing time. Batum scored 6 of 9 shots and scored 17 points (4 of 6 3-pointers) and a team-high 24 points, thus winning Lu’s trust.

With 6-8 Batum replacing 7-0 Ivica Zubac as the de facto center, Gobert cannot simply patrol the paint. Batum is willing to move along the perimeter, which allows the Clippers to trigger the Jazz to help and resume rotation and produce a good appearance.

Batum’s presence also opened up lanes. Gobert had to treat Batum as a targeted threat, which gave Leonard and others room to break through.

Utah’s backup big man Derek Favors also encountered the same problem, he was also not ready to close at the shooter.

In addition to Batum’s increased playing time, the Clippers also saw more Terrence Mann. He played only 9 minutes in the first two games against the Jazz. He scored 21 in 22 minutes. Minute.

“I think flying around, able to defend multiple positions, rebound and offense. I think his energy is great,” Lu says After the third game. “The fans love him. They like him when he is on the court. He draws nourishment from the crowd. We need that elevator today. He is great for us.

Los Angeles trailed 2-0 in two consecutive rounds of the series, but it is commendable that he will not hesitate to make adjustments when he feels it is necessary. Now, Quin Snyder and the Jazz have to find a countermeasure.

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