Glen Davis hints Kyrie Irving’s ankle injury is the result of Celtic basketball

Glen Davis clearly believes in basketball karma.

Nets guard Kyrie Irving withdrew from Sunday’s playoff game against the Bucks after a sprained right ankle.Owen later Excluded from the game due to injuryThe Nets lost to the Bucks 107-96 in the fourth game, and the Eastern Conference semifinal series returned to Barclays Center with a score of 2-2.

Davis was a member of the Celtics championship team in 2008, and he has some thoughts about injuries.In an Instagram response, Davis seemed to imply that this was the result of the basketball industry after Irving Step on the sign of Boston Center Court Early in the playoffs.

“Karma is real. No matter what you say, energy is real,” Davis said in another IG comment. “That sign means something negative or positive. Ky wants himself (the original text). The energy is real and always respects others, regardless of whether its (sic) a sign is (sic) or not.”

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After the Nets defeated the Celtics in Game 4 of the first round, Irving greeted his teammates in the midfield and stepped on the drawing of the team’s mascot, Lucky Goblin. A fan was ejected from the TD garden, Arrested and charged with a felony assault He allegedly threw a water bottle at Owen after being stomped.

All things considered, Davis’s comments are unfounded. After all, karma is not a tangible influence. It is tangible that the Nets and Bucks returned to Brooklyn, the series tied, Irving and James Harden in the fifth game are uncertain.

By the way Is not The same ankle stepped on Lucky, just to check. That was left by Owen. The injured is Owen’s right.

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