French Open bonus: how much will the winner earn in 2021?Wallet, segmented areas

As the temperature began to rise, the action for the second Grand Slam tournament of the year also began to heat up. Roland Garros enters the second week, and some big names are still targeting La Coupe des Mousquetaires (men) or Suzanne-Lenglen Cup (women).

In addition to winning the two biggest trophies in sports, the winner also received some bonuses. After the 2020 bonus has been reduced (due to the pandemic, the competition will be held in the fall), the Paris bonus in 2021 has also been reduced by 10.53%.

What is the bonus for the French Open in 2021?

In 2020, the wallet is 45.69 million U.S. dollars, and in 2021 $41.95 million. This is a decrease of $6,977,070 from last year’s wallet.

How much does the winner get?

Men’s and women’s singles champions will get an appointment $1.69 million Each. Last year, Iga Swatek became Poland’s first Grand Slam singles champion. On the men’s side, Rafael Nadal increased his trophy with his 13th victory at Roland Garros and his 20th career Grand Slam title.Both won $1.9 million each

Men’s and women’s doubles championship prizes $289,235, mixed doubles championship prizes $148,523

2021 French Open bonus details

Although the total amount has changed, if a player loses in the qualifying round or the first two rounds, they will receive the same amount as last year’s tournament.

Men’s and women’s singles

local bonus
winner $1.69 million
runner up USD 907,880
Semifinalist USD 453,940
Quarterfinals USD 308,679
Round 4 USD 205,786
Third round USD 136,787
second round 101,683 USD
Round 1 72,630 USD
Third Qualifying Round 30,989 USD
Qualifying Round 2 19,368 USD
First qualifying round USD 12,105

Men’s and women’s doubles

The doubles champion’s prize money has also taken a hit this year, but the salaries of those who were eliminated in the previous rounds have increased again.

local bonus
winner USD 289,235
runner up 170,577 USD
Semifinalist 100,339 USD
Quarterfinals 59,024 USD
Third round USD 34,720
second round USD 20,423
Round 1 13,616 USD

Mixed doubles

In 2021, the winning pair will take home $148,523. From the first round to the quarter-finals, it stagnated year after year.

local bonus Yes
winner USD 148,523
runner up 74,261 USD
Semifinalist 37,739 USD
Quarterfinals 21,305 USD
Top 16 USD 12,174

The following is a breakdown of each major tournament.

All figures are in U.S. dollars.

Australian Open bonus

All: $61.95 million

Award winner: USD 2.13 million
runner up: 1.16 million USD
Semi-finals: USD 656,854.50
Quarterfinalists: USD 405,704.25
first round: 77,290 USD

Wimbledon bonus

Due to the pandemic, the tournament was cancelled in 2020, but here is the data for 2019.

All: 51.88 million USD

Award winner: 3.2 million USD
runner up: 1.6 million USD
Semi-finals: USD 813,114.53
Quarterfinalists: 405,782.87 USD
first round: 61,951.58 USD

U.S. Open prize money

All: 53.4 million USD

Award winner: US$3 million
runner up: 1.5 million USD
Semi-finalists: US$800,000
Quarterfinalists: 425,000 USD
first round: 61,000 USD

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