2021 NHL playoffs: Golden Knights vs. Canadian Stanley Cup semifinal breakdown, predictions and odds

Although almost no one predicted this pairing, everyone must be salivating at the idea of ​​watching Kelly Price and Marc Andre Fleury go to save people. Why would they not? Two of the elite guards will compete for a place in the 2021 Stanley Cup final.

Fleury and his team advanced to the semifinals after defeating Wild in Game 7 of the first round, and some might call it a surprising second-round series defeat of Avalanche. They did lose the first two games in the second round, so it would be a fair assessment before losing the ball in the third game; however, let us also remember that although Colorado won the presidential trophy, this Just because of winning in the final game of the regular season, and because it held a tiebreaker (rule victory) in Las Vegas.

On the other hand, you can say that Canadians are a surprise. Montreal started the season with a hot start, but the fire was quickly extinguished, and Claude Julian and his staff were eliminated before late February. Then things changed. The team entered the playoffs as the No. 4 seed in the North Division. Now, despite falling behind 3-1 in the series and sweeping the Jets that just swept the Oilers, Habu has become the king of the North after the Maple Leafs was eliminated in the first round again.

Both teams hope to win the best trophy in sports. It’s been 28 years since the Canadians-or any Canadian team-drank in a cup for the last time, and Vegas still smells of new life in its fourth year. The Golden Cavaliers won almost all in 2018 and will reach the Western Conference Finals in 2020. But before this team has considered realizing their Stanley Cup dream in 2021, they have to face each other and only one person will move on.

Las Vegas Golden Cavaliers and Montreal Canadiens: schedule, odds, breakdowns, predictions

Stanley Cup semi-final schedule

date pair Time (TV channel)/Result
Monday, June 14 In Vegas 9 pm (NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVA Sports)
Wednesday, June 16 In Vegas 9 pm (NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVA Sports)
Friday, June 18 In Montreal 8 pm (USA, SN, CBC, TVA Sports)
Sunday, June 20 In Montreal 8 pm (NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVA Sports)
*Tuesday, June 22 In Vegas 9 pm (NBCSN, SN, TVA sports)
* Thursday, June 24 In Montreal 8 pm (USA, SN, CBC, TVA Sports)
*Saturday, June 26 In Vegas 8 pm (NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVA Sports)

(* if necessary)

In the United States, every game of the Golden Knights-Canadiens series can also be broadcast live online fuboTV provides a 7-day free trial.

Season statistics

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the two teams will not play against each other in 2021.Below are some statistics on the other six (Montreal) or seven (Las Vegas) teams in their respective divisions (according to NHL.com and Natural Statistics Skills):

VGK statistics Mother tongue
3.39 GF/GP 2.82
2.18 General Motors/General Motors 2.95
17.8 PP percentage 19.2
86.8 PK percentage 78.5
53.37 CF% at 5v5 54.50
119.1 xGF 5v5 100.16
104.38 xGA 5v5 89.07
54.76 HDGF% at 5v5 51.61


Golden knight -440 Canadian +330

(FanDuel odds )


Compared with the regular season, it is difficult to measure the offensive performance of the playoffs. The average number of goals per game for both teams dropped (Las Vegas to 3.08, Montreal to 2.55), but they both persevered. Both are produced in the entire lineup.

The leader of the Golden Cavaliers playoff points is William Carlson, who scored 11 points, but four players scored 8 points (Jonathan Malceso, Alex Pietrangelo, Max Pacio Retty and Mark Stone), three players scored 7 points (Matthias Janmark, Alex Taher and Riley Smith), and three other players scored six (Nicholas Rowe). I, Shay Theodore and Nick Holden). In fact, 21 players have at least 1 point-including network administrator Marc-Andre Fleury.

Based on natural statistical techniques, Vegas has a Corsi For percentage of 54.32 and leads the playoffs in shots (691), expected goals (27.97), scoring opportunities (296) and high risk clubs (122). This is a team that clicks on all cylinders and can score at critical moments.

There is a similar offensive structure on the ice. The Canadian team’s lineup is also increasing and decreasing. Tyler Toffoli led with 10 points, followed by 18 players with at least one point. They also had seven different players who won the home game, and Tofrey, Jespericot Kaniemi and Nick Suzuki scored in additional games.

Speaking of kids, Kotkaniemi, Suzuki and 2021 Hobby Baker champion Cole Caulfield provided much-needed shocks to the lineup. The first two had four goals each, while Caulfield had four assists-including his overtime goal set by Suzuki in the 5th game against the Leafs, and the end of the series against the Jets by Tofuli. Those are also in overtime. Montreal needs young people’s legs in this series to keep up and bypass the big and strong defenders of the Golden Cavaliers.

edge: Golden knight

(Getty Images)


You mean big and strong defensive players? Look at Alex Pietrangelo, he has-not surprisingly-strengthened his game. His playoff statistics are similar to his performance when he led the Blues to the Stanley Cup for the first time in 2019. In 5v5, his personal Corsi For is 68, and his personal expected goals are 1.19. He leads the team in expected goals (10.8) (Every natural statistics technique).

But he is not the only defensive player who needs attention. Zach Whitecloud participated in the 2020 playoffs and took his performance to a higher level in 2021. In his first full NHL season, the 24-year-old blue line player has become the key to Vegas’ defense. He leads the team in Corsi For percentage (59.11) and scoring chance percentage (60.54) in the playoffs.

In addition to these two, the Golden Cavaliers also have Shea Theodore, Nick Holden and Alec Martinez. The latter is the only player with a CF% below 50 (his 46.41).

Translation: I didn’t spend a lot of time at the end of Vegas.

This is largely related to the fact that the Golden Cavaliers have equipped one of the best defensive forwards in the game in Mark Stone (the 2021 Selke finalist) and the fact that they left and right blocked shots when the ice hockey was over; Gass led the league with 249 blocked shots, averaging 19 blocked shots per game, ranking first among the remaining playoff teams.

Montreal’s defense depends on the game between the pipelines, but the blue team can also close some of the big names in the game. Rockets Richard trophy winner Aston Matthews scored a goal and Mitch Manner was excluded in the first round. Jets forwards Blake Wheeler, Nikola Elles and Kyle Conner scored two points in the second round.

With Jeff Petry back in the lineup, the team should be promoted.According to reports, the person with the highest scoring blue line in the Montreal regular season missed most of Game 3 and most of Game 4 against the Jets because his hand was reportedly stuck above the rebound. Camera hole and Dislocated two fingersDue to injury, Jon Merrill has not participated in the game since May 27, and he will also travel to Las Vegas with the team.

edge: Golden knight


This series is about network administrators: Marc-Andre Fleury and Carey Price. Two people with legendary careers can control the game from start to finish. This will be a must-watch TV.

Comparison of Fleury and Price in the 2021 playoffs

Flory statistics price
276 Against 337
.923 Save the pct. .935
1.91 General Motors Association 1.97
1 close the door 1
24.8 SA / 60 30.2
.936 Uniform strength Sv% .938
.813 Strongly play Sv% .930
1.46 GSAA 5.57
.893 High-risk Sv% .877
25.39 Average target distance 26.27

edge: even

Special team

Although there are heavyweight batsmen on both ends of the rink, Vegas’s power shot and penalty shootout percentages in the playoffs were 14.3% and 71.4%, respectively. Montreal’s special team is not meh at all. After throwing an egg in the first 15 chances against the Maple Leafs, the Canadians led by 6 of 17 shots. When there is a shortage of manpower, their effective rate is 82.4%.

edge: Canadian

(Getty Images)

Key players to watch

Max Pacioretti (VGK): Who doesn’t like enticing storylines? The former Canadian team captain would definitely like to send his old team to play golf. He was transported to the west three years ago and thrived in Sin City. He missed the first six games of the playoffs (after missing the last six games of the regular season), but once again returned to the lineup. In 7 games, he has 4 goals and 4 assists, averaging a team-high 1.14 points per game. He has not played many games against the Canadians in his career, but he did score two points (goals, assists) in three games against this team, which made him a first-round pick in 2007 .

Cole Caulfield (MTL): Speaking of the first round, Caulfield has injected a lot of energy into the Canadian lineup. As mentioned earlier, he set a number of big goals-after he performed well in the first two games of the playoffs. Caufield is a pure shooter, and although he hasn’t scored in the playoffs (4 assists, 3 of which are junior assists), he is close.He has amazing 34 field goal attempts (29 of them broke through defense) and 22 shots were made.

The playoff history of the Golden Cavaliers against the Canadians

The two teams never met in the playoffs.

Last five playoff appearances

Vegas Golden Knights

year the end
2020 year Lost to DAL in five games in the conference finals
2019 year Lost to SJS in the first round of seven games
2018 Five games lost to WSH in the Stanley Cup final

Montreal Canadiens

year the end
2020 year Lost to PHI in the first round of six games
2017 Lost to NYR in the first round of six games
2015 Lost to TBL in the second round of six games
Year 2014 Lost to NYR in six games
year 2013 Lost to OTT’s quarter-finals in five games

Golden Cavaliers vs. Canadians predictions

It all boils down to which netminder can beat the other.

prophecy: Golden Knight 6

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