YouTube vs. TikTok Fighting Wallet: How much money can Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall make at the boxing show?

A week after Floyd Mayweather boasted of being a leader in “legal bank robbery”, it seemed that some YouTube and TikTok stars wanted to join.

In a title called “Platform battle“Some influencers from YouTube and TikTok are fighting each other in a boxing match. The headline news is the battle between YouTube’s Austin McBroom and TikTok’s Bryce Hall. Both sides will make considerable money in this match.

In the press release of this game, LiveXLive (hosting the event) stated that this will be “an unprecedented large-scale live PPV entertainment event.” In addition to fighting, there will also be musical performances by some well-known actors, so obviously there is a lot of money to go.

Below, we will mainly focus on the benefits between McBroom and Hall.

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How much does Bryce Hall make compared to Austin McBroom?

Bryce Hall revealed that he will get 5 million USD From the moment he stepped into the ring in this battle.he Shared a photo What he claimed was his contract with USD 5 million and shared this figure again in the meantime Interview with No JumperIn that interview, Hall also revealed that in addition to the $5 million contract, he will also receive 4% of pay-per-view sales. If he is eventually eliminated, he will receive a bonus of $1 million. McBloom also confirmed the figures of 5 million U.S. dollars and 1 million U.S. dollars.

How much does Austin McBroom make compared to Bryce Hall?

Although McBloom’s exact figures are not public, he did share some information about how much money he will make in this battle. In an interview with The Hollywood Fix, he confirmed Hall’s salary of $5 million for the battle. In that interview, he shared that in order to make this battle happen, he is willing to earn less than Hall.

“I told the team, I said look, I will agree, let Bryce Hall fight with me, I will agree to make less money than him,” McBroom said.

He also stated that Hall’s $1 million bonus (if he is eliminated) will be paid out of his own pocket.

Although McBloom said that he would “make less” than Hall, the way he speaks makes it feel like he won’t make any. a lot of less. To be sure, McBloom will also earn millions of dollars from this event. In an interview with Keemstar, McBloom and Hall reached an agreement, and Hall will also give McBloom $1 million in the knockout round.

YouTube and TikTok compete for bonus

The battle bonuses of the remaining fighters in this event have not yet been announced, but some participating fighters have already talked about money.According to reports, AnEsonGib made more than $1 million From his battle with Jack Paul, Which earned him the nickname “Seven-figure Gilbert”, said in an interview with FanSided that money has always been the driving force of many of these Internet boxing matches.

“Now there are other influential people, I fight when I don’t have money,” AnEsonGib says“I fought two fights and then fought for a check. Now other influential people, they saw it, they understood, and they thought it was a cool experience. They don’t understand trenches and hard work. Many people say they are Fighting for money. It’s so cool, I have a nickname “Seven-figure Jibb”, but I have a real passion for this.”

When talking to FanSided, Deji also mentioned money.

“I would say this is because you can make money, because everyone has a follower,” Deji said. “Obviously, Jack Paul has such a social follower, then turns the habit into a follow-up fight, and then combines the two to make money. That’s why. So in the end, it just focuses more on boxing.”

Deji’s opponent Vinnie Hacker also had a humorous moment in his battle press conference, when he said that he was fighting this battle only for money.

Austin McBloom net worth

website Celebrity net worth Austin McBloom is nearby US$2 million Net worth, but Other sites It is estimated that his net worth is close to 5 million U.S. dollars.according to Social Blade, McBroom’s popular YouTube page, TheACEFamily, generates annual revenues of approximately US$68,900 to US$1.1 million.

Bryce Hall net worth

website Celebrity net worth Bryce Hall said there is a net worth of $2 million. Although the TikTok star stated in a tweet earlier this year that he has more than $10 million.

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