YouTube and TikTok boxing date, time, fight card and more information about the platform battle

Logan Paul and KSI Inspired A new generation of social media influencers become boxers.

A new boxing event will be held in June and is called the “platform battle”. Some of YouTube’s big stars are contending with TikTok’s big stars. There are a total of eight games, of which two are in the free undercard section and six are in the main event.

The biggest attraction is the contest between Austin McBroom of YouTube and Bryce Hall of TikTok.McBloom rises to fame as the founder The ACE family on YouTube, A page with more than 19 million subscribers and 4.2 billion page views. Hall is a popular TikTok creator with 19.9 million fans on the platform.

Given the history between the two content creators, this was the biggest event of the night. McBloom challenged Hall in December 2020.Things escalated in March 2021, when Shared text in the lobby Between the two, McBloom said Hall was “Too scared to fight.” Just five days after that exchange, a battle was officially announced.

However, McBloom and Hall are not the only match. Below, we will introduce everything you need to know about the YouTube and TikTok boxing match.

YouTube vs. TikTok boxing date and time

  • date: Saturday, June 12
  • Starting time: 7 p.m. EST

The YouTube and TikTok boxing match will be held on Saturday, June 12th and will start at 7pm Eastern Time. However, the audience will have to wait for a while before the main match between McBloom and Hall. There are a total of eight battles, six of which are the main event. In addition, there will be multiple music performances by DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, Migos, Trippie Redd and others.

How to watch YouTube vs. TikTok game

The boxing match between YouTube and TikTok will be played on a pay-per-view basis on LiveXLive, a streaming platform usually known for its live concerts. You can also take part in the event in person at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

How much does YouTube and TikTok PPV cost?

  • Early sales: 29.99 USD
  • PPV price: 49.99 USD

The PPV cost of the main package for YouTube and TikTok boxing matches is US$49.99, but the additional service fee brings the price to nearly US$60. You can also purchase additional add-ons, such as exclusive event T-shirts and exclusive event hoodies. In addition, every time you purchase an event, you can use the LiveXLive service and exclusive NFT for six months for free.

Where is the competition between YouTube and TikTok?

The YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match is being held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. The venue can hold up to 80,120 people, but this event will reduce the capacity. The show fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Will also be held At the stadium a week before the “Battle of the Platforms”.

YouTube vs. TikTok battle card

YouTube Douyin
Austin McBloom Compared Bryce Hall
Anson Gibb Compared Taylor Holder
Deji Compared Pooh Hack
Vice President Compared Nate Wyatt
Jarvis Compared Michael Le
Tanner Fox Compared Ruilan Storm
Langdon McBloom Compared Ben Azerat
Ryan Johnston Compared Kale

Austin McBloom vs. Bryce Hall

The highlight. After McBloom called out Hall in a self-deleted Instagram post at the end of 2020, there was some history between Hall and McBloom. The two subsequently exchanged several tweets on Twitter in March, and announced the fight a few days later.

AnEsonGib and Taylor Holder

We have seen AnEsonGib fight before Jack Paul suffered an embarrassing Tseung Kwan O In the first round of 2020. AnEsonGib hopes to recover from that ugly defeat in the battle with TikTok’s Taylor Holder. In a video released before the game, Holder was concerned about the weight difference, saying that his weight was 165 pounds, while AnEsonGib’s weight was close to 190-195 pounds (per holder).

Deji vs. Vinnie Hacker

KSI’s brother Deji also lost to Jack Paul, although that was before Paul became a professional boxer. Deji will face the TikTok star Vinnie Hacker who has 7.2 million fans on the platform. We will see if Deji’s boxing experience will play a role in this fight.

DDG vs. Nate Wyatt

Both DDG and Nate Wyatt are musicians who gave the theme to this battle. Although there is no obvious beef between the two. However, DDG did say, He is going to the knockouts Oppose Wyatt.

FaZe Jarvis vs. Michael Le

FaZe Jarvis is a member of FaZe Clan. He was very popular when playing Fortnite games, but after being caught aiming robots in Fortnite, he was banned from playing games. Le is a popular dancer on TikTok, with 48.5 million fans, ranking 11th on the platform.

Tanner Fox vs. Ryland Storms

Tanner Fox is a YouTuber known for performing stunts. His videos received more than 2 billion total views and helped him attract more than 10 million subscribers. He will face the popular TikTok star Ryland Storms, who has 4.3 million fans on the platform.

Langdon McBloom vs. Ben Azerat

As you might tell from the last name, Landon McBroom is the brother of Austin McBroom and he is participating in the main event. He will succeed Ben Azelart, who technically belongs to the TikTok category, but he is also a successful YouTuber himself, with more than 1 billion views on his main channel.

Ryan Johnston vs. Kyle Solach

There are more family relationships here, because Ryan Johnston is the brother of Catherine Petz, who is married to Austin McBloom. He will fight TikTok star Cale Saurage in this hole card game.

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