Mets’ Jonathan Villar must dodge a ball rolling along the Padres’ dugout while chasing a pop-up window

Mets third baseman Jonathan Villar suddenly found himself playing dodgeball during a baseball game on Friday night.

In the fifth inning, Villar was chasing the foul pop-up window hit by the Padres’ Yuriksen Profar. When he approached San Diego’s air-raid shelter, four or five balls rolled in his direction. Villar even kicked one of the balls, but still stood to catch the ball.

Are the priests cheating openly? Do not. The bat boy assigned to the San Diego team knocked over a bucket of balls at the absolute worst.

Obviously, the young man tried to avoid contact with Villar and receiver James McCann, but instead created more problems.

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In the end, it didn’t cause injury, and there was no foul, but Villar was likely to sprain his ankle or knee in that game. He missed two games last week due to tight hamstrings, so he did not fully recover.

At least he is not the target of unsportsmanlike behavior.

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