Kevin Durant’s bodyguard rushed onto the court to break up KD’s scrum with PJ Tucker

You don’t want to mess with Kevin Durant.

If you do this, obviously you will encounter the anger of his bodyguard-even if you are one of his opponents in the game.

In Thursday night’s game between the Nets and the Bucks, Durant had an argument with Milwaukee forward PJ Tucker. As soon as the two team members took action, teammates and other staff gathered around and separated them, but a man dressed in security-style clothing also joined the battle.

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According to The Athletic, this man is Durant’s bodyguard and he is on the Nets’ payroll.

The incident between Durant and Tucker was just a glorified shout, but the bodyguard wanted to make sure that Durant would not find himself in any trouble with one of the most annoying and smallest forwards in the league.

For Durant, it must be good to be able to get this kind of personal protection at any time even on the court. The bodyguard demonstrated good blocking techniques and passed through the crowd to prevent Tucker from advancing Durant further.

This game may be one of the better exits that happened in Brooklyn vs. Milwaukee.

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