How long has Jacob DeGrom been out?Injury schedule, return date, latest update for the Mets star pitcher

Jacob deGrom is dealing with another health issue. On Friday night, the Mets’ ace was eliminated in a game with the Padres and was diagnosed with flexor tendinitis in the pitcher’s arm.

DeGrom missed three games in May because of inflammation and discomfort in his right back muscle. Now he is considering a possible vacation due to arm problems.

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The 32-year-old DeGrom is very special when he can get the ball. In the six games against San Diego, he reduced the SR to 0.56. His 10 strikeouts gave him 103 times in 64 innings.

But he was dismissed after only playing 80 times, and TV footage showed him talking to a team coach. This makes the anxiety of Metropolis fans soar.

What’s next for DeGrom? Here is the latest news about everything we know about his injury and when he may return to the mound.

How is Jacob DeGrom’s injury?

The Mets announced that De Grom was suffering from right flexor tendinitis. The flexor tendon extends from the forearm to the base of the finger, and it controls the ability of the finger to bend and grasp things. Tendinitis is inflammation or irritation of the tendon.

How long will Jacob DeGrom be out?

DeGrom’s schedule is unknown, but he told reporters after the game that he might not miss any games.

“I have had elbow problems several times before, and I know how it feels. So my level of worry is not too high,” He said that according to Anthony DiComo of

During his MLB career in 2018 and 2019, DeGrom entered Illinois twice with an elbow problem. He was named the winner of the National League Cy Young Award in both seasons.

Despite this, the Mets are likely to be cautious about their staff anchors again. Due to discomfort on the right, the team included him on the injury list in mid-May. The start of Friday was his fourth start since his reactivation on May 25. Due to lat muscle stimulation, he was scratched at the beginning of May 4.

The New York team has been solving rotation injuries throughout the year. Noah Syndegard (elbow) and Carlos Carrasco (hamstring) have been absent for the entire season, while Tejuan Walker (winger) stayed on the injury list for a while.

Jacob DeGrom 2021 season data

  • 64 innings pitching
  • 26 clicks allowed
  • Allow seven runs
  • Allow four win runs
  • 103 strikeouts
  • Allow nine walks
  • 0.56 ERA/0.55 whip

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