Alabama has a defensive guard named Kool-Aid McKinstry

There are cool names, and then there are people named Kool-Aid.

Like Alabama freshman defensive guard Kool-Aid McKinstry. “Kool-Aid” is his nickname, but it has become a part of his history, so much so that even Crimson Tide sports information staff use it to call him Official roster of the team And in His official resume.

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McKinsterley told the origin story of his nickname in high school. report He said his grandmother gave him this nickname because he was born smiling. Of course, Kool-Aid cartoon characters are always smiling.

According to the record, McKinsterley’s name is Gakunsey, which means he can also use “GQ”, which is an elegant shortened version. “Kool-Aid” is not even his full name: on Twitter, it is “Koolaid Glizxzy”.

But hey, when you are a five-star recruit, according to, the number one reserve cornerback, the Alabama rugby player and two sports (he plans to play for the Tide men’s basketball team). Team next season), you can do whatever you want.

Very sweet deal, that.

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