Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka: the team seeks to reorganize, “smartly build” the championship-level lineup

The Lakers’ defense against the 2020 NBA championship was far below expectations. Because of this, general manager Rob Pelinka is seeking to reorganize the list.

in His resignation interview After the Lakers season, Pelinka discussed his vision for the Lakers with owner Jeanie Buss. Their focus? “Cleverly build” a championship-level roster.

“Jenny and the ownership team authorized the front desk to do one thing, and that is to cleverly build a list of champions,” Pelinka said. “Since Dr. Bath acquired this team, this has been the team’s icon, and it is still true today. Obviously, all 30 NBA teams are restricted by the salary cap, so we have to solve all the problems very smartly. Put them together, but there is only one goal. It is wise to have a championship-level team.

“I think next year, of course, I hope all our fans can come back and become part of this building. The job we owe them is to start the reorganization process and have a championship team that can make special results. , This is the motivation. It will always be our goal to maintain consistency among Jenny, the front desk, the coach and our players.”

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This seems to be a good approach for the Lakers. They don’t have to be too aggressive in pursuing another title. After all, they also have LeBron James and Anthony Davis in their lineup. In 72 games, James missed 27 games and Davis missed 36 games. In the end, the Lakers ranked 7th in the West with a score of 42-30.

The Lakers have a chance to reshape the lineup around James and Davis. The Lakers only have five players with guaranteed contracts in the 2021-22 season: James, Davis, Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pop, Kyle Kuzma and Marc Gasol. Montrezl Harrell has player options worth less than $10 million, while Alfonzo McKinnie’s $1.9 million contract is non-guaranteed.

This gives the Lakers a lot of potential lineup positions. Therefore, there are many opportunities to introduce new and old futures to adapt to James and Davis, because they hope to integrate better than the 2020-21 team.

In other words, Pelinka’s attempt to bring back at least some of the “core players” the Lakers have sounds comfortable.

Pelinka said: “As far as the free agency market is concerned, we feel that we have a core group of players who can do special things.” “And I again believe that if there are no unforeseen circumstances this year, we must face the challenges. , We will become a championship-level team, so our goal is to work hard to unite this core team.

“And, of course, for players like Tarren Horton-Tucker, Alex Caruso and Kyle Kuzma-players you draft or bring into your two-way system and nurture and develop- There is a certain degree of pride and the Lakers have been able to use these players to nurture them. So of course our intention is to unite our core and have a championship team.”

The Lakers can bring back players like Horton Tucker and Caruso to maintain some continuity and at the same time make up for weak links with outside help. This may be the smartest way for Pelinka to build a team, especially considering that the main reason for the struggle of the Los Angeles team during this time was the injuries of James and Davis.

Soon, we will see what the Lakers will do, but one thing is certain. He appeared again in the playoffs as the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference, and failed to qualify for the subsequent first round defeat.

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