Kevin Pilar of the Mets confirmed that his bat was not splattered, “just a pine tar stick”

For a time, many people thought that the Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar was using a blood-stained bat when he stepped on the plate against the Orioles.

It’s easy to see why. After all, his bat does have a rather red hue. Or at least it appears on the broadcast.

The pillar is Hit the face at 94 mph Less than a month ago. He broke his nose during the game and he bleeds. So, this is the original source of speculation about the substance on his bat.

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However, just like the use of bloody bats, Pillar confirmed that his bats did not contain blood. That’s just pine tar.

okay then. At least it captured the imagination of Mets fans for a while.

And it didn’t eliminate Pillar’s amazing comeback. Even after suffering multiple nasal bone fractures, Pillar only missed the game for two weeks.

Since his return, Pillar has won the No. 1 Mets with a score of 0.296 and has hit two home runs in eight games. It is safe to say that since the brutal injury, he has not shown fear in the batter’s box.

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