USMNT blows up Costa Rica; as the United States closes its powerful camp with momentum, players score

USMNT ended a camp in June, and the results were better than anyone expected. The team’s last game was a 4-0 victory over the weak and exhausted Costa Rica team, but the result was still a two-week exclamation point, and we may look back at it as a turning point in Gregg Berhalter’s tenure:

  • The team won a trophy (national league)
  • They beat their main competitors to do this
  • The United States has won three of the four matches (all against opponents in future World Cup qualifiers)
  • They showed that they can win the ugliness: in different ways and in different situations
  • Except for the third-line goalkeeper David Ochoa, every player has playing time

But most importantly, the leader of this young American team finally has it. All of them train together—Christian Pulisic (22 years old), Weston McKenney (22 years old), Taylor Adams (22 years old) and Gio Renner (18 years old) ——This is also the main reason why the United States won the game is actually very important. All four played an important role in the match against Mexico.

20-year-old Brendon Aaronson told the media after the game: “We issued a statement to the other members of North America and the Caribbean, saying that we are here, we are winning the game in our own way, and we will be here. Stay for a while.” Costa Rica won. “This is great for the team.”

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Of course, if Honduras scored first in the semifinals, the situation would be very different. But it turns out that the USMNT is rolling again, it has also reconnected with fans and rekindled their enthusiasm for a team that disappointed many people when it failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. It will take a while to restore this belief, but it does feel like it is finally back. This enthusiasm will only continue to increase with more meaningful games-the Gold Cup in July and then the 14 World Cup qualifiers-before the 2022 World Cup 18 months later.

“I think [connects with fans] Playing meaningful games,” Berhalt said earlier this week. “More importantly, fans understand them better by watching their games and really knowing these people are competitors.This is the youngest team in the history of American football to reach the final [vs. Mexico], But they are still able to return to the game and win the game. And this is important. “

The USMNT camp also made five important judgments on the future management and construction of the team:

1. The center forward game begins: It is now a three-player competition: Josh Sargent, Jordan Siebatcheu and Daryl Dike. Berhalt said the same thing after Costa Rica. This will boil down to the format and personal playing style of which of the three will start the game. This is why the club that Sargent and Dick will join next season (if they move) will have a huge impact on their performance over the next 18 months.

2. Mark McKenzie wins the starting center back position: He started all four games. In general, except for the most obvious mistakes, his performance is reliable, which will undoubtedly become his future learning experience. With Aaron Long out, the role of right center back should be McKenzie’s job.

3. Tyler Adams is the starter with a deep mid lane: In that position, he did something that no one else in the player pool could do, which had a domino effect on the other games of the team. If it weren’t for Adams, starting, Jackson Uyle and Kailin Acosta would be the next best choice.

4. Brenden Aaronson locked this team: Philadelphia products may not start every game, but as long as he is healthy, he will definitely win a place on the roster every game day. He has provided a lot for this team, whether as a starter or as a substitute.

5. Ethan Horvath is second behind Zack Steffen: This is not an overreaction to Horvath’s game against Mexico. He is always stable and unhurried, which allows him to perform well in the national league. Now he just needs a club that can make him a starter. New England’s Matt Turner, an obvious third choice, will continue to perform well in the Gold Cup.

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U.S. player ratings vs. Costa Rica

Esenhofas: 6
Apart from a strange postback or one or two desperate shots from Costa Rica, this birthday boy really didn’t have much to do. After the night he played against Mexico, it might have been well deserved.

Anthony Robinson: 6
He is very aggressive up and down the left wing. The final product did not appear on this day, but it showed the kind of desire and energy you want from the left back.

Tim Rem: 6
Almighty neat performance, mainly possession. He kept the ball moving and even picked out a few long diagonal shots to stretch Costa Rica’s defense.

Mark McKenzie: 7
In the fourth consecutive game of this training camp, McKenzie’s performance was once again clever and composed. He ran for 45 minutes. Even the yellow cards he picked up were clever performances. But the highlight was the sensational pass to Dike in the US’s second goal.

Reggie Cannon: 6.5
The solid work in the first half helped defend and press players. Then he scored the ball on the offensive end after the intermission, scored his first American goal (with his left foot!), and added several offensive moves.

Taylor Adams: 7
It feels like Adams is back to normal in front of the last four. The captain is the omnipresent and omnipotent midfielder this team relies on. This Costa Rica team did not challenge him, but he still demonstrated his importance to the team’s defense and assembly.

Sebastian Ledgert: 6.5
You may not associate any memorable game with Lletget’s performance, but that is his point. He does what needs to be done, and he does it at a high level and doesn’t look tired. His temperament, leadership ability and general character on the court are very suitable for this young team.

Yunus Moussa: 6
This game is an example of (a) why some American fans asked him to start, and (b) why he didn’t start. His technique, control and dribbling are excellent, but his decision-making, movements and reading games sometimes have problems. He is in and out of the game, but he is only 18 years old and has enough time to shape his game.

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Brendon Aronson: 7
Similar to the game against Switzerland in the first half, his work efficiency, sprint speed, pressure and his overall willingness to make things happen are all distinctive qualities. He attacked the space, and his goal came from one of those instinctive movements. He did weaken in intensity in the second half, considering the swelling scoring, so did the other members of the team, but he was still capable.

Tim Weah: 6.5
He is electric. But it’s not just the energy he brings when he holds the ball. He moves decisively and decisively, whether in the middle or on the wing. On this day, his game has an advantage, which ensures his participation and efficiency.

Daryl Dick: 6.5
After being excluded from the National League list and staying in the camp, he may be eager for this start. But he was playing deep in his heart, letting the game come to him. He played what he needed to do, including an outstanding performance in the game where he defeated the offside trap in his first American goal. According to his coach, one area that needs improvement is that his out-of-the-box ability needs to be better.


Walker Zimmerman: 6
He may have only arrived at training camp the day before (as a substitute for Matt Miazga), but he didn’t flinch when he played at halftime. He brings his usual stubborn defense and is never afraid to give up his body when necessary.

Jackson Uyel: 6
The earthquake midfielder can leave the camp with optimism and play in the last half hour, with the result in hand.

Jordan Sibaggio: Not applicable
When he was the center, the strength of the US team was reduced by several notches. This was a cameo that was damaged by an injury to his right knee. He tried to pass the game but eventually forced him off the court.

Gio Reina: Not applicable
It’s a little bit used up. Three minutes into the game, he won and scored a penalty, but the game did not ask for more.

Kailin Acosta: Not applicable
Acosta’s appearance is not worth emphasizing, especially since the United States handed over the ball to Costa Rica in the final stages of the game.

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